Sunday, September 24, 2017

I Think That I Shall Never See.. oak tree as a topiary...with apologies to the great Catholic poet and WWI hero, Joyce Kilmer.

Here's an example of a topiary...
...trees or shrubs carved to look like creatures or other objects...y'know, "aht".

Our big oak is currently bombing our house and patio with acorns...we should have a forest of these things by now with all the nuts scattered around the yard...and you'd think we'd have a dozen fat slovenly squirrels laying on the ground with their mouths open as Mr. Oak Tree fills them with nuts...but I've just seen a couple of skinny gray and black squirrels scampering about the yard.

It's easy pickin's, that's for sure.

So watched a silent movie last night, The Big Parade...
...a 1925 production by King Vidor starring John Gilbert.

Love that name, King Vidor, and he produced a real moneymaker for MGM was a smash hit and solidified John Gilbert as a top tier movie star.  The reason I care is I'm writing about Mr. Gilbert now in TAT and wanted to get a perspective on his work.

The thing about the silents - with few exceptions - is they felt like they had to hammer home every point...subtlety was not a concept they cozied up to back then.  Since people couldn't hear dialog, everything was exaggerated and repeated several times to make sure the audience got the point before moving on.

Now it seems tedious - alright already, the lovers are heartbroken over their sad farewell!  Get on with it! - but back then it was standard operating procedure.

This fascination with repetition would prove disastrous for John Gilbert when he made his first talkie (His Glorious Night)...a scene that would have worked in a silent movie when no dialog was being recorded ended up looking and sounding over the top ridiculous as he repeated "I love you!  I love you!  I love you!" over and over again...indeed it spelled the beginning of the end for his career.
The overwrought melodrama genre came to a rapid close around about 1929 and some pretty big names in the industry didn't get that memo.

My round of "simple golf" (only 3 clubs: mashie, niblick, putter) went pretty well today, but the circumstances under which I played were annoying...mainly bc they turned the sprinklers off by 8 am for holes 1, 2 and 3...but left them on for the rest of the course until 9 am.

So that means my 9 holes ended up being the first 3 repeated 3 times...which wasn't terrible bc 1 is a par 5, 2 is a par 3 and 3 is a par there's some variety...but not as much as walking the full 9.

Even so, I did ok.

Had legitimate shots at par on several holes and made them on a couple...bogeyed a few, double bogeyed a few, and fell apart completely on one hole.

We'll try again next Friday or Saturday...

Took Mr. T out for a ride tonight...
...don't really have a great place to drive him over here in Holland...once golf is done I'll probably get him out early on Sunday mornings and put him through his paces then when no one's on the road.

Getting close to that time of year again, so starting to rummage through some of our All Hallow's E'en's a haunted doorbell we'll use this year...
You press the button and the green eye opens and looks around...creepy...we'll see if we get any more trick or treaters out here than we did in Wyoming...I think the last few years pretty much everyone was switching over to the "trunk or treat" events that a lot of churches are sponsoring now.

May be the passing of yet another era...

Anniversary weekend winding down was a good was a little too warm to get lots done outside but we still got out and worked around the house as always...Karen's a bit of a slave driver when it comes to that...and me, well I'm just an innocent victim as always...

later, mcm fans...

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