Wednesday, November 15, 2017

If Anyone Told Me...

...I'd be golfing in November in Michigan...well, you know the rest.

But here I am, hoping for a day here and there with a little sunshine and temps in the 40's and in my twisted mindset that now constitutes the perfect day to swing my hickories.

And swing them I did...when I'm able to say I should have had a couple of birdies but settled for par, it was a good round for me...bogeyed a few and stayed within shouting distance of par for most of the round.

Of course fall golf is easier (other than the weather)...nothing is growing and the course has been mowed short, so even though the fairways are unkempt they're wider.  Several of my shots that were easily playable would have been in the rough and maybe lost if this was June, July or August.

Even so it was big fun, and I'm doing pretty well with my new cleek (roughly a fairway wood)... "simple golf" (mashie, niblick, putter) has morphed into 4 club golf and my cleek has replaced my mashie as my fave club...for now...until I buy that Louisville Golf Black Brassie...then I'll be playing 5 club golf...Merry Christmas to me...

And speaking of that time of year, next week is Thanksgiving... while you're busy panicking at the thought of the rapidly disappearing year and all the obligations of the holiday season...don't forget to actually be thankful for God's blessings.

Yes there are problems, there are tragedies, there is injustice and sadness everywhere...but life doesn't have to only about the lowest common're allowed to aspire to better, to be hopeful for the future, to be committed to working to improve life if not in the great wide world then at least where you've been planted.

So bloom and blossom where you are and give thanks to God in heaven for life, for His gracious provision, for salvation through faith in His Son.

Finished Cardinal, volume 2... second collection of short stories, and also threw in some  poems at no extra charge...don't mention it.

And in a flurry of creative activity, I've got the revised, new and improved (I hope) version of TAT being proofed right now...

Can't wait to make them available to the general public...the faster I get them out there on Amazon, the faster all those people can get busy ignoring them.

Hey, if you don't read these two books, you're only hurting yourself.

and on that happy note...

later, mcm fans...

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