Sunday, July 22, 2018

What A Miserable Morning...

...for golf...humidity was 90% and not a breath of air moving...consequently I was swarmed by mosquitoes, gnats and flies for the entire round.

Whatever communication system the local insects have to spread the word about an available blood meal, it was in good working order today.  I have never swatted at so many bugs while trying to swing a golf club in my life.  My Panama Jack was more of a flyswatter than a hat today.

Almost didn't bother with the last two holes bc the 8th green and 9th tee are both set into the woods.

But fools rush in where angels are just too smart to tread and so I got what I deserved.  Very annoying round today.

Of course once I got home I had to get into my backyard - Orkin sprays our place for mosquitoes with some effectiveness - and when I'm back there I birdie every hole...just haven't figured out how to translate that to the golf course yet.

Moving on...

Our hibiscus are starting to bloom...
...very beautiful.

And when it rains as it has this weekend, I notice our Tree Creature has a well defined outline... that's one good looking Tree Creature...
...Karen is really glad I summoned him from the arboreal nether least I assume she is.

If you're looking for a great movie to watch, don't bother with The Revenant...
...the main message is "life in the wilderness sucks", so by reading my blog I've just spared you 2 and a half hours of grim savagery and depressing hardship.

Revenant means "one who returns, especially from the dead" and the story is supposedly based on a real life incident in the 1820s.

John Glass is attacked by a grizzly bear...

...and his two partners assume - reasonably so - that he's a goner.  To be fair, Glass assumes that, too...and so when they take his rifle and leave him to die, he thinks to himself he would have done the same thing if it had been one of them.

But by some miracle he survives, and eventually he tracks down his former partners and demands his rifle back, which they sullenly surrender to its rightful owner.

That's the real story.

But not in the movie...for the sake of drama, the movie makers conjure a non-existent Pawnee wife for Glass who is slaughtered by white men and a son who travels with his Pa...and when Glass is attacked by the CGI bear, his partner (a thoroughly despicable Tom Hardy) kills his son and leaves Glass to die.

So now the story becomes one of revenge, complete with bloody climax and pseudo spiritual ending as Glass sees his wife hovering from the beyond, beckoning to him.

Cue swelling music, fade to black, rinse your eyes out in a vain attempt to cleanse them of that with which you just polluted them.

Of course there were Oscars involved since we've dumbed down every major award in recent years (Gore, Oscar for his fantasy flick about global warming; Obama, Nobel Peace prize for being elected president).

Using these examples as criteria for worthiness, I fully expect a Pulitzer Prize...
...any day now for writing this faskinatin' blog.

Speaking of writing, I have re-published both TAT and Loved Of My Father now and am much happier with both of them in their current form.

And due to the nearly equal mix of popular demand (1%) and delusional obsession with futility (99%), I'm mentally prepping my next novella.

Not positive how I'll get Timmy out of the well just yet, but this one will be set in the late 1930's and involve a Route 66 road trip to some classic icons...
...and culminate in a trip on the Hawaii Clipper...
...and a stay in the beautiful Royal Hawaiian Hotel... the days before all the crowds and condos.

Can't wait to dig in to this one.

later, mcm fans...

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