Sunday, August 26, 2018

As the French say...

...Finis!   Well, almost, anyway.  I'm sure there are some typos to correct and etc, but it's basically done and in at 32,500 words.

Should have it published by end of week if all goes well.

And what's going to shock a few's got a happy ending...more or birds will be pleased...historians will wag a finger in warning re: what's to come.

It had to happen, and today it did...
...simple golf (i.e., just a few irons) gave way to regular golf (i.e., including a wood)...and it actually went pretty well.

It's a personality flaw, but when I know something is supposed to be done a certain way, taking a shortcut - even if the results are as good or better - never sits well with me.  Just can't do it long term.

Plus, there's an aesthetic issue here...a golf bag without a wood in it just doesn't look right,

There's a graduated length issue as they stand next to each other in the bag, and there's the striking craftsmanship of a handmade hickory cleek as well.

It's just prettier than all those hardass irons lined up in a row.

And if you talk nice to it, swing it easy and don't abuse it, it will produce nice straight drives for  you.

Well, sometimes anyway.

Today started out very foggy, so it was 9 o'clock before I got to the course.

By then two groups of 4 (2 carts with 2 people each) had started before me and they were going for the world record on slow golf..,
So I played 8 and 9, then came over to 1.  By then they were on holes 2 and 3...they're probably just finishing up as I write this after 6 pm.

I finished 1 and 2  then jumped over to 6 ahead of both groups.  Played 6, 7, 8 and 9 and called it good.

So it was only 8 holes instead of 9 but I didn't have the balance of my natural life to spend on the course today.

Managed to par holes 2 and 6, bogey 7 and 9, and the rest were my usual grab bag of scores so high I couldn't keep track of some of them even using all 9 fingers.
Most of all I enjoyed it, and that really is the bottom line for me.

Watched the 1954 version of Sabrina this weekend...
...a very well done movie.

So what if the bottom line of the above ad ("THREE ACADEMY AWARD STARS IN THEIR GREATEST ROLES") is nothing less than a bald faced lie?

We've come to expect that from Hollywood, yes?

Lying through their teeth to sell stuff is nothing new for Hollywood...or Washington for that matter ("if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"..."Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration in response to a video"..."I did NOT have sex with that woman").

True, the movie is just a little bit of romantic fluff, but does have Bogart, Hepburn and Holden, all in the same film.  Come on...that counts for something.

And in spite of the light hearted feel of the movie, there was some behind the scenes drama...Bogie wanted his wife, Lauren Bacall to play Sabrina and wasn't happy Audrey Hepburn got the part instead.

Throw in the torrid affair between Hepburn and Holden during filming and you've got some background for when you watch this fun little movie.

And once you're done with that you should cue up the 1995 remake with Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear...very respectable as remakes go, which is more than you can say for most.

Well, we are officially in the last week of traditional weekend is Labor Day weekend... it seems an appropriate time to post my annual picture of summer packing its bag and heading for the station to catch the first thing smoking...NOOOOOOOO.....

later, mcm fans...

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