Sunday, September 30, 2018

Gotta Love...

...Fall golf...crisp cool temperatures and wider fairways...

Drilled that putt for par on the par 5 #4 yesterday...and I do mean drilled...hit it too hard but right on line and it banged into the flag and dropped in.  Pretty sure if someone had removed the flag it would have bounced over the hole and kept on going.  Oh well...counted as a par in my book.

And it was the start of a good run for me...parred the next two holes and bogeyed the last three so all in all a pretty nice round.  This happens about one time out of ten attempts so I takes 'em when I can gets 'em.

Other than that not a whole lot shaking this weekend...Karen decided to decorate for fall, so we hauled out some autumn decor...
...including a quail, turkey and pheasant...and on Saturday we planted 4 arborvitae trees... least it wasn't 90 degrees and sunny like it usually is when Karen decides I should get outside and dig in the dirt for awhile...

Today we trekked down to Allegan...there's a big flea market / antique show at the fairgrounds there on the last Sunday of each month from spring through summer, and this was the last one for 2018.

It's amazing how much stuff is there and how little of it is of any interest to either of us.
Not exactly a waste of time because it was a pleasant drive together there and back - and the chicago dog and spiral fries from Gretchen's Kitchen were great - but it's hard to imagine doing it again.

When Karen and I were actively collecting a few years ago we had specific interests, most of which aren't represented in any significant way there.

So now, with apologies to Johnny Cash, it's Sunday Evening Coming Down, and I bid you adieu...

later, mcm fans...

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