Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Current Project...

...can you guess what it is?

A television, of original 1946 RCA 621TS to be precise...well, the case, anyway...don't have the original chassis anymore...sold that a while ago...and the sum total of the electronics that will go inside this gorgeous art deco case are included in the above picture.

Tune in next week for the finished product.

I'm juggling this along with the biggest systems upgrade the company for which I labor has ever attempted.

How, you ask in stunned amazement, am I able to handle something of that magnitude and still find time for what amounts to a trifling hobby?

Simple...after laboring for the better part of 35 years custom coding our information systems...
...we are finally transitioning to state of the art 3rd party software...a "black box" if you will...and since I didn't write the new system - in fact the new system is replacing much of what I wrote over all those years - my part in the actual transition is relatively minor.

If I was 10 years younger I'd be crying in my whiskey right now...but at my age the finish line for my career is finally in sight and so I'm sitting at home - for the very first time in my IT career - while a major systems upgrade is being handled by a large team of people half my age.

On 2nd thought, where's that whiskey?

But, as Papa X tells Ike, "I didn't cry about it though...wouldn't have changed anything and it's not manly."

We soldier on.
Spotted this guy at our back patio feeder the other day...
My grandson Marcellus tells me it's a "red bellied woodpecker", which seems like a bit of misnomer since it's his head, not his belly, that's red.

He attracted some attention...
...and a group of intruders joined him for a bite to eat.

Had a dream the other oldest son and I were outside someplace I didn't recognize when suddenly a big brown bear came running toward us.
We turned to our right, spotted a ledge above us and quickly climbed up a tree and jumped up on the ledge.

The bear wandered around below for awhile while we watched, then started running away.

But as he did he grabbed my Sunday bag of hickory golf clubs...
...which apparently I had brought with me on this inexplicable outing into an unknown wilderness smack dab in the middle of bear country.

Naturally I jumped down from the ledge and took off after the bear at which point in my dream #1 son began yelling at me, asking if I had taken leave of my senses and for the love of chicken gravy, get back up on the ledge!

But the bear, you see, had stolen my hickory clubs and that just wouldn't do.

So I raced after the felonious ursidae, grabbed my Sunday bag from his jaws of death and then did as my son suggested, high tailing it up the tree and onto the safe environs of the convenient ledge.

I leave it to the dream weavers among us to interpret the meaning.

For me it just means don't even think about stealing my hickories.

And I wish I could walk 9 right now.
Starting to ramp up ideas for my next novella...
...Time Slip Island...well, a working title anyway.

And it's not just the heartwarming story of a boy and his dog, either.

A friend from work has infected me with hallmark-movie-itis, and I feel a strange compulsion to write happily ever after love stories right now that's what this is shaping up to be.

Stay tuned...

later, mcm fans...

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