Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Soggy Morning... the Lagoon...just what we need, more rain.
Friday was nice enough, and I got out on the links on my 1st vacation day of the summer...
...but to be honest, it wasn't very enjoyable.

Actually did ok...if I can be on the green with a chance to 1 putt for par, generally I'm happy...and 5 holes out of 9 that was the case.

But part way through the 2nd hole the owner drove up on a golf cart and proceeded to bend my ear for the next 10 minutes, telling me basically he hates his customers.

He's been doing this for 28 years and they steal golf balls from the range, tear up the course with golf carts, destroy the tees by hitting mulligan after mulligan, etc, and he knows they do bc he has cameras all over the course so he can watch them.


I was just about suggest it was way past time to sell the place to someone who wouldn't see it as a form of punishment when he said "Thanks for coming out today...have a great round."

I kid you not.

So now I'm faced with the choice of being ripped to shreds by Killer the Junkyard Dog at one course or being surveilled by The Spymaster Who Hates His Customers at the other.

Might be time to switch to bowling.
I'm on work release during the week, but on the weekends it's back to serving my sentence of hard labor on the rock pile of landscaping duties...but I have to admit we're gradually whipping the place into summer shape...
a 10 year old fountain Karen repurposed as a planter
flower pots along the bedroom patio wall...
...and adorning the back patio...
...a southwest hardscape scene in the front yard...

...and a view of the lagoon from the front yard.
So after a couple of tough days digging in the dirt we treated ourselves with a visit to the new HopCat's here in Holland...
...where we enjoyed a good meal and the chance to do something that didn't require a shovel and a wheelbarrow.
Continuing to make good progress on my latest novella that is now threatening to turn into a novel...I'm at 26,000 words but I think I can wrap it up in another 10,000 words or less.
And that, kind readers, is going to have to do for this edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

I'm whipped.

later, mcm fans...

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