Sunday, September 8, 2019

No Hay Pajaros...

...en los nidos de antano...there are no birds in last year's nest.

An old Spanish proverb, taken from Don Quixote, quoted by Longfellow at the start of his beautiful poem, "It Is Not Always May".

The punch line of his insightful verse reminds us...

"Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth,
   To some good angel leave the rest;
For Time will teach thee soon the truth,
  There are no birds in last year's nest!"

The older I get the more I experience the cold reality of that sentiment.

Time is water slipping through our fingers, so we must do our best to enjoy it now...capture those moments, live them, embrace them, be present and accounted for while they're happening, for they will soon be but a memory.
No hickory golf this week... y'all get a reprieve, but don't get used to it.
Seen and heard around the neighborhood...

Spelling Bee
At the beginning of the summer I mentioned we had 3 projects scheduled...a complete roof replacement (ouch, and check)...our back patio replacement (check)...and finally...window / wall replacement in our "bonus" room.

This past week it was out with the old...
...and in with the new...
there was one large window and we replaced it with this smaller one for privacy...and to accommodate a murphy bed on the new wall space
a straight replace on these 2 windows...better insulated now
So that's "check" #3 for summer projects...just in time since summer is definitely on the way out.

The one "extra" we got in this flurry of home improvements was new steps off the back patio.
Al Vandemeer and his helper Larry did all the work on the windows, new wall and stairs.  Great job, men...really appreciate it.

Trying to get things ship shape in case we end up selling.
Over the course of several years I wrote 7 "Papa's Model T" books.  I started on "" which at first partnered with and their Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Several books into this Amazon bought Createspace and of course changed things up quite a bit.

The end result was the physical presentation became noticeably different from the first book to the last one.

So over the last couple of weeks, I redid all the covers and some of the interiors to give them a similar look and feel:

I wanted them to be recognizable as a series in case, you know, anyone ever actually buys one...or two...

Planning to do something similar with my short story collections, novel and novellas on Amazon as well.
Part of the reason I'm doing the above is because I'm not writing at the a creative dry spell...

...thought I had a hot idea, did some research and even got a decent start, but then changed my mind about the story.

Now there are some uncertainties swirling around that have taken my mind off writing almost completely while we try to sort out other issues.

All very mysterious sounding I know...
...but they're the usual ups and downs of life, nothing unique or sensational...just enough to focus our attention on some unexpected circumstances and away from the normal ebb and flow of the daily grind.

More to come, I'm sure.
It appears we have once again reached the end...
...well, not that end...more like this one:
...and all of us here at the Atomic Monster Cafe...
...will do our level best to serve up another delicious stew of intellectual stimulation in the days ahead.

Don't miss it while you can.

Until then...
...later, mcm fans...

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