Saturday, October 5, 2019

Looks Like...

living room
...heating season is upon us...we now have all 3 fireplaces up and running.
bonus room

Besides the increase in expense, it's just depressing to think of where we're heading...

...*heavy sigh*...

Switching gears to the happy life events department, the daughter of a friend from work recently got married, and he shared a couple of very nice pictures:
the proud father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle

Dad, Mom and the Happy Couple
As joyous as these events are, they're not without a twinge of sadness for a page turned and a wonderful chapter of life drawing to a close.

Old saying but true: every ending marks a new beginning, and we send our Best Wishes to the newly minted Mr. and Mrs.

As they embark on the great adventure of their new life together may they find much happiness and many years filled with love and laughter.
In the ding-dang-diggety-darn department (a busier department than you might guess), this was another week of no hickory golf...
...and the fans are not pleased...too much rain and the course is soaked.

Even so I did get out in my backyard and swat whiffle golf balls all week while dodging raindrops.
Also tweaked my club selection since I've decided to stick with gutta percha golf balls...
...added a pre-1900 "play club" (wood driver), kept my 1930's mashie and niblick, and swapped out calamity jane for a pre-1900 wooden putter.

The play club and putter are made specifically to be used with gutta percha balls.

Now it just needs to stop raining for a few days...
The Downton Abbey binge continues...
ah, but we do, Your Ladyship...
Currently in season 5, and I's basically a...
...but it's one with very high production values, terrific costumes, great acting, and set in a fascinating time period when the world was undergoing cataclysmic changes on many levels.

And Maggie Smith (above) is like the great Bill Nighy, stealing every scene in which she appears.

Good stuff.
Recently read that Amtrak is eliminating their dining car service on a number of overnight trips, including the City Of New Orleans and others...
...replacing it with boxed meals you can eat in your sleeper car or in a lounge car.
Predictably this change has not been met with great enthusiasm by anyone with functioning taste buds and an appreciation for the amenities of train travel.

Basically no one likes it other than the cost cutting nerds in management.

They claim it's to accommodate the new breed of passengers (read: millennials) who don't want to eat their meals with strangers.

Well, yeah...they'd rather receive them intravenously so they can stare at their phones non-stop, completely insulated from any meaningful human contact.
And another great tradition of the past yields to the downward spiral of what passes for progress.
4 or 5 years ago I developed what turned out to be a passing interest in cigar box guitars...

...with my apologies.
It's a beautiful fall day...
...and it's rapidly before it slips away completely let's take a quick trip around the parting shots department...

Cigars Smokers Anonymous Meeting

President and VP of Cigars Smokers Anonymous

wishful thinking

why didn't they do this when I was a kid?

fall morning

humble abode

Once again we have raced to the end of another thrillin' edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe jes' like Boondoggle Smith runnin' shine in the hills o' Kentucky...
...and that's why all of us here at the sparkling offices of the AMC want to say "thank you" for taking time away from your illegal activities and spending a few quality moments with us.
Thanks, y'all!
But don't think we aren't going to call the cops on you...
...because we are...oh yeah, fer sure...

later, mcm fans...

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