Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Delights...

...of a chill autumn morning...I may wish it was still summer, but ya gotta love a warm fire on a cold October day.

Might as well enjoy a hot cup of coffee...
...and be in the moment instead of wishing the time away.

Present and accounted for, sir.
Fait accompli...
...all 6 seasons successfully binge watched...managed to cram 50+ episodes into 3 focused weeks.

I kingdom for a life...but it's only the 2nd time we've done this, and it's the only time we've ever actually watched an entire series.

Credit the writer(s) and production staff on that score...great stories with well drawn characters, interesting plot lines and fabulous settings.

It's true they did give in to a bout of "Hallmark Happy Ending"-itis in the series finale, but somehow it all seemed fitting and absent any contrived saccharine fakery.

Part of that is because you get to know the characters and wish them well in the years ahead.

Now that's good writing...and acting.
Enjoyed my stroll through the country this week...
...even though I struggled with my play club from the tees.

In fact, the above picture was taken just before I hit my one and only good drive of the day.

For the other 7 holes I teed off with my play club, 4 of them were just ok, and 3 of them were horrendous slices.


Thankfully I was doing pretty well with my mashie and putter...

...and in spite of some struggles I considered the day a success.

As an old acquaintance used to say whenever his team gave a good effort, "we called it a win".

Hear, hear.
It's finally happening...
...leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping...
on my way to the links
It's only in the 40's today, windy and cold...
...looks like we've turned the corner and Fall is here to stay.
And if the flag looks a little shorter than it used to...well, that's because it is.

When we returned home from a greenhouse with the "pumpkin pie" mums you see out front we found the flag pole laying in the bushes...apparently the high winds snapped it about 3' above the base.

Karen figured out we could still slide the top part of the pole into the base that's cemented into the ground and voila!  20' flag pole shortened to 15'.

We'll remedy that in the spring but at least for now we still have Ol' Glory waving proudly above Hare Manor.
Since we're almost halfway through October, here's your All Hallows E'en update... much as I love the classic Frankenstein...
...we're trying a change of costume this year:  Mister...
...and Mrs. Bones...
Main reason being when I'm wearing my over the head Franky mask I can't talk...and both of us can tell I make everyone a little uncomfortable, hulking silently beside them as Karen doles out their candy.

We still want it to be some spooky fun while they're getting their treats, but we hope me being able to interact with them will keep it a little lighter.

That's the plan, anyway.
A few parting shots on our way out the door...
entry in a pumpkin carving contest in Holland

been a while, but Ms. Deer stopped by this morning

no heat at work so I was standing in the morning sunlight trying to get warm

doesn't help that this guy tried to steal the sun

a mantis praying for food

Octoberfest centerpiece
Well you've done it again...endured another bout...
...with intellectual mediocrity as we slogged to the end of this edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

If it was up to me, you'd get a medal...
...but it ain't, so quit yer complainin'...ain't becomin' for a person of your statue...
later, mcm fans...

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