Friday, June 26, 2020

Another Nine...

that's my 1 putt for bogey that turned into a 2 putt for double bogey

...officially in the books...on this last weekend in June...

...a little scary how quickly it's racing by.
50 yard niblick put me on the green, 2 putt for bogey

But it was an enjoyable round...perfect weather and I played pretty well.  Kept it in the fairways...well, most of the time.

Calamity Jane and I squabbled on the greens for much of the round, but I finished with a 1 putt for par on 9, so all was forgiven.

Delightful start to the weekend.

Our Philco V-handle refrigerator was dropped off at The Retro Revival in Ohio last week where it will be restored to its original mid century modern glory.

Mandy Spisak, owner, sent me some pics of our prize in its current condition, to wit:
love the pink interior

It's obviously a little rough...very dirty...some the transformation is sure to be impressive.

This will be a months long process, but I'll post updates from time to time as progress happens.

It's great dealing with Mandy, very professional, so check out her website (above) or visit her Etsy shop at TheRetroRevival

The Mistress of the Gardens...

...has been busy as usual, working her botanical magic...
patio blossoms

...all around the Castle Frankenstein...
tomato plants, aka future salad

...tending to the many daily tasks of planting, watering...

...trimming, weeding...

...and hunting for her husband...

...who's busy hiding from all his outdoor honey-do lists.

It's exhausting!  (She gets tired sometimes, too...)

Pretty sure I hear my hickories calling me...

Great news...we've got our new pool...

...well, at least we've got it outlined with a garden hose where we'd like it to go...hopefully next year.

Hey, we can dream, can't we?

Sights seen 'round the ol' homestead...

#1 son stopped by on Father's Day so we could compare shiny foreheads

daisies in the dark

Smokey dining al fresco

night owl

panograph of the courtyard

when it rains... pours...

A recent experience with a car salesman reinforced their well-earned reputation for lacking integrity.

The sad part is this particular car lot claims to be part of a Christian ministry.

Reminded me of an old saying that our reputations take a lifetime to build but only a second to lose.

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches..."
         - Proverbs 22:1

later, mcm fans...

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