Saturday, June 13, 2020

I'm Not Usually...

...a conspiracy theorist...but today the Denizens of the Arboreal Realm were definitely plotting against me.

Evil trees reached out with their leafy limbs and snagged my otherwise perfect shots in mid flight.
this may not have actually happened

In spite of their nefarious schemes I still managed to enjoy my pleasant...

...if somewhat numerically challenged stroll through the country...but next time I'm bringing a chain saw with me, just in case. 

Tomorrow is Flag Day... today we hung out some patriotic bunting...
the gardener photo bombed my picture complement Old Glory.

Don't forget to fly the flag and give thanks you live in the greatest country on earth.

Karen visited an estate sale in our neighborhood this weekend and came home with some treasures...mostly kitchen related items for her daughters, but a few home decor items for these elegant egrets...

...and a figurine of the great Emmett Kelly as his world famous alter ego, Weary Willie...

...from back when clowns represented the innocent fun and excitement of the know, before Stephen King dipped into the cesspool between his ears and destroyed that childhood icon forever.

She also brought home what I consider a treasure...

...a vintage, low tech weather station, which I've christened the Castle Frankenstein Weather Station (CFWS).

In stark contrast, my friend Dave from work loves weather forecasting so much he's hooked up several supercomputer-based weather stations in his backyard bunker...

...and the National Weather Service regularly asks him for predictions whenever they can't figure things out.

But there's a certain charm to kickin' it old school and I even used the little key taped to the back of the board to set the barometer.

Now much to Karen's constant delight, I make random announcements throughout the day about current conditions:

Me: "My dear, CFWS reports it's still 74 degrees fahrenheit and 55% humidity, though barometric pressure has dropped slightly to 30.04 inches."

She: "Um...ok."

She may pretend she's annoyed, but I know better...

Speaking of weather, earlier in the week we hit 93 degrees here, and the next day a major storm blew through...

...with 73 mph winds...we ended up ok, but many thousands lost power and some had major damage from falling trees...

...the next day temperatures cooled off significantly...

...and so in mid-June we enjoyed an early morning fire.

Gotta love that Michigan weather.

Seen 'round the ol' homestead...

fallout - literally - from the storm...found this on the ground the next morning

One Eyed Charlie is back...

no, really...One Eyed Charlie

the view from the command center

the gang's all here

first fire in the chiminea

roses in bloom

first daisies

And that dear friends brings us to the merciful conclusion of this mind bogglin' episode of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

Try to contain your enthusiasm as you will be called back for another one next week.

And when you are, no screening our calls, understand?

later, mcm fans...

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