Saturday, August 8, 2020

T Minus...

...4 Fridays and counting...til the end of my "summer 3 day weekends" fest.

I've put them to pretty good use so far...strolling through the countryside with my hickories...

Managed a few bogeys today...

...and dropped an 8 foot putt for par on 9, so I was happy.

As every writer knows, endings matter.

Watched a good Dutch film...
"Black Book"
...about the Dutch resistance near the end of WWII.  Good production values, well acted, tight, suspenseful story about the resistance tangling with the Nazi SS and the Gestapo in the last days of the war.

Had a little problem with their "surprise bad guy" at the end...'s not legit at the end of a thriller to randomly decide "hey, let's have this guy be the traitor!" unless you've planted a few seeds along the way.

So we watched it again, just to see if we missed any foreshadowing the first time...with a foreign language and subtitles, a few things could've slipped by us.

The movie was just as good the 2nd time through, and we decided they did drop a hint or two...the explanation at the end tied the loose ends together.

Good flick; def worth a look.

A minor upgrade that's been a nice improvement in curb appeal this summer is good ol' fashioned paint...

Karen painted the top slabs along our stone wall and it really outlines that feature nicely.  I had to chop down about half of the hedge in front of the wall...was almost up to the top of the light and blocking way too much of the view.

Then she did the back patio trim as well...
...specifically the tops of each it a more finished look.

It's been another summer of working toward restoring this place to its former mid century modern glory.

Besides the new patio #4 son poured and some new paint, the big push has been upgrading the electrical, adding lights and outlets in the bonus / guest room and finally...after 3 years, finally...power to the garage.

And of course Karen toils tirelessly at gardening and landscaping the grounds.

It's paying evening this week Karen and I were enjoying the cool breeze out front when a random passersby pulled over, rolled down her window and shouted, "Great job on the restoration!  Your place looks beautiful!"

She then waved and drove on.

Had to be a local who'd seen the place in its sorry "before" condition.

I can honestly say I've never lived any place where strangers felt compelled to compliment the home...a testament to the architect's unique aesthetic vision back in 1961, and to Karen's constant caretaking over the last several years.

There's plenty more to do, and Lord willing we'll continue knocking the rust off and polishing all the fittings until we've got the place match fit again.

It's definitely a journey...

...and not just a destination.

Once late July / early August arrives there's a concerted push to get that vacation in, and so this week I've got pics from several co-workers who've ventured into the wilds...
Steve (3rd from the left) atop his trusty mount

some of the beautiful scenery he enjoyed "out west"

a little closer to home, a gorgeous sunset Brian and his wife experienced here in Michigan

love this view of a trail near Larry's cottage up north...

...and this one of a storm rolling in over the lake...

And finally, some random sightings from here and there...
might as well start with the lowlights...a billboard seen in MI of our Beloved Fascist

Big Daddy groundhog

relaxing in the hot tub at night...told her to put down the camera and join me

gotta love steaks on the grill

night fire...

...morning fire...

Cat In The Hat's got nuthin' on us...we've got Kitty In The Box...

Treetops Hotel

Another beautiful summer day beckons, so I've got to get outside and experience it...hope you do, too.

later, mcm fans...

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