Saturday, December 5, 2020

Cyber Week Came And Went...

...and still the sun came I guess that means we survived.

To be honest, it was fairly IT dragons...

...were harmed during the weathering of this cyber week.

Seems "order count" is down, but "dollars per order" is up, so we're holding our own.

Not bad for this disaster of a year.

In the happy news department, Mandy at The Retro Revival reports they've now painted our Philco V-handle refrigerator "appliance white", to wit:

Now it needs to cure for a few days, then they'll start re-assembling our baby.

It's been an amazing process watching Mandy and company bring our V-handle back to life from vintage refrigerator purgatory*

Who says Christmas miracles don't happen?

*may not be an actual place

As expected, Karen did get after the inside decorating this past week...

Karen makes a careful and serious distinction between my trees and "her tree"

in the warming house, children lace their skates...

kitchen garland and Christmas knick knacks...

lighting up the living room

Pretty sure she's just about done as I've hauled most of the empty totes out now.

Let the season begin!

Several years ago Karen and I planted a little fir tree on the edge of our backyard...

pic taken by Karen's daughter Sarah

...and as little trees are wont to do...'s grown taller and this year apparently Li'l Tree reached the appropriate size to become part of our Christmas yard decor...

...a singular honor.

Kinda sounds like a kids' book...hmm...

I take it by faith, not by sight that the sun has risen on this cloudy Saturday morning, and so it's time for a quick jaunt through the parting shots department...

I'd like to drive this to Tucumcari, NM...

...and stay here

breakfast of champions

Michigan politics are as dirty as they come but the scenery's nice

And now, as a native son of the great state of Texas, I'm pleased to leave you with this heartfelt sentiment:

later, mcm fans...

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