Friday, January 29, 2021

Winter Makes...

 ...its half-hearted return...and guess who showed up for dinner?

Looks like a turkey or two stopped by for a bite of the Seafood Sensations cat food we put out for the various strays wandering the area.

Have to admit the snow is pretty.

A co-worker mentioned it seems a little more welcome this year...

...because we're not driving in it...

...and there's been so little of it so far.

We're way under our usual snow totals, and now there are only 49 more days until Spring!

Cue wild cheering and applause...

from Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus", 1928

We've been watching the 2001 mini-series Band Of Brothers...

...about Easy Company of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army during World War II.

Here's a pic of some of the real men upon whom the book and mini-series are based:

Hard to believe, but it's been 20 years since the HBO series debuted and almost 30 since the book was published.

Given that, bear with me as I echo what others before me have ably proclaimed:

This is an extraordinary chronicle of extraordinary men, many of whom gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

In the interviews with the men who survived, a common refrain is heard: "I was just doing my job".

From that self-deprecating sentiment it's possible to draw an incorrect conclusion:

That these were ordinary people thrust into unique circumstances and somehow that combination magically yielded extraordinary results.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Make no mistake; these were better men, period.

They were made of better stuff, prepared in part by enduring a decade of want and deprivation that was the Great Depression.

Hardened and strengthened by their life experiences, there were few soft hands or coddled psyches when they were thrust into the fiery trial of a global conflict.

Thus they became warriors in the truest sense of the word and were able to rise to challenges far beyond the reach of the average man.

By God's grace, fighting for each other and a cause greater than themselves, they were able to achieve victory for the good of all mankind.

Truly, we owe an unspeakable debt of gratitude to the Greatest Generation.

Interestin' doin's down in my home state...'ve heard of BREXIT, well this is TEXIT and apparently it's gaining steam.

The concept is simple...the state would hold a voter referendum on one simple question: should Texas secede from the union and become an independent nation?

This isn't new, by the's been around as an actual organization since 2005, and has gained some traction with Texas residents through the years.

However, the radical left's shenanigans during the farcical presidential election have lit a new fire under the movement, and now a Texas legislator says he will introduce a bill to allow a vote on the issue.

If that actually happens, this could get interesting in a hurry.

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the union, with right at 29 million people (California has 39 million, though many of them are leaving...for Texas).

That means if Texas did become an independent nation, it would make its debut as the 50th largest country in the world...

...right behind Nepal with 30.4 million people and just ahead of Venezuela with 28.7 million.

Economics is quite another issue.

At their current GDP they'd become the 9th biggest economy in the world...

...just behind Italy and ahead of Canada.


So...can it actually happen??

In reality it's a longshot.

When I was a kid Texas was the biggest state in the union with Bibles and cowboys and bolo ties and oil rigs and longhorns and cattle barons.

But now...all those lefties fleeing punitive taxation in California and New York...guess where a lot of them end up?

Yep, you bet your boots...those wild eyed crazy libs...

stand back people...nobody has any idea what might happen here...

...seeking tax relief - from fiscal policies they implemented - are landing smack dab in good ol' Texas, one of 7 states with no income tax...which I suppose makes up for its 110 degree summertime heat.

That's what air conditioning is for, I guess.

It'd be nice if they checked their politics at the door and picked them up on their way out, but no such luck.

What used to be the red state of Texas has taken on a slightly different hue in recent years...

...with the biggest population centers turning blue.

So the odds of TEXIT becoming a reality are slim.

But if by some miracle it did happen, guess who'd be planning a homecoming?

Michigan could keep its fascist dictator...

heil dimwitmer!

...and the American Corporation is welcome to its mentally declining China Doll...


This is one native son who’d return to his roots as a proud citizen of the brand new nation of Texas.


Parting shots...

beautiful roses for my beautiful wife's birthday

a winter sunrise...

...and a wolf moon...

Franky needs his morning cup o' joe

a broken limb on a maple tree yielded this frozen sap-cicle

later, y'all...

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