Friday, February 19, 2021

Happy To Report...

...this gorgeous stove now has a home...but not our home.

I posted on the GE Monitor Top Forum about this monitor top refrigerator from the 1930's...

...and mentioned the stove sitting next to it at the same time.

Turns out the administrator of the forum had just purchased a monitor top refrigerator like the one above, but he was interested in the stove.

He contacted the thrift shop, made an offer for that beauteous beast from 1927, and they accepted.

Now it has to find its way down to Missouri where he lives.  I did offer to help him move it when he drives up here to get it.

In any event, a glorious relic of the past will live again.

How cool is that?

Speaking of stoves from the 1920's...'s one Karen and I would like to own, but it belongs in a different home than ours.  Love all that green and white enamel, along with the art deco styling.

If we do ever sell our home and move into something from the 20's / 30's, that's the stove we want, and this... the refrigerator.

Some day, perhaps...

Been plowing through E.B. "Sledgehammer" Sledge's riveting account...

...of his WWII service with the Marines as they fought their way across two Pacific islands: Peleliu and Okinawa.

I can only take it in small doses since the contents are beyond sobering.

The author's intent is to inform rather than shock; his account is absent hyperbole and without pretense.

However, if you can read his straightforward retelling of these events without being shocked by the horrific, surreal existence he and his mates experienced day after terror filled day...

...well, there's something broken in your being, some essential element of humanity missing from your emotional makeup.

Experts have suggested the typical American child will witness 16,000 murders on TV by age 18.

These marines endured an environment where violent death - often in hand to hand combat - far exceeded those staggering numbers over the course of a few months.

And unlike TV, their world was all too real, accompanied not only by the sickening sights and sounds of bloodshed, but also by unbearable heat and the constant, fetid stench of rotting corpses and human waste.

We are free, but only because better men paid an inhuman price in our stead.

Next up, Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie.

Winter continues unabated 'round these parts...

our whipped cream courtyard...

...and our snowy back patio

...but we did spot this robin red breast recently...a hopeful sign?

I'm sure he's anxious for Spring, same as we are.

29 days and counting...

Sadly, it is time once again for you to skulk out the back door, but due to our indefatigable generosity, we here at the Atomic Monster Cafe...

I'm the good looking one

...are fine with you shortcutting through the parting shots department as long as you don't steal anything...

who doesn't need new zest added to their life?  besides, I just like this ad

#4 son and family camp by the lake where this massive sturgeon was caught...his kids say they're not swimming in that lake anymore

might be time to retire this sign

1940's "I Love Lucy" desk phone

refrigerator scientists, hard at work

words fail me

As I close this entry it's snowing again...fluffy white flakes cascading earthward in the frozen February air while blue green fir trees silently stand guard.

Ol' Man Winter may be laughing now...

...but the good money is still on glorious spring...

later, mcm fans...

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