Friday, April 23, 2021

My Latest Project...

 ...a DIY backyard golf course...designed at no small expense by the prestigious firm of Wild_Hare Paper Plate Hickory Golf Course Professional Landscape Management Services, Inc., or WHPPHGCPLMSI for short.

The above is not the final rendering, of course...there's an inground pool slated to sit somewhere in the middle there which should serve nicely as a water hazard.

And with all the gopher holes that appeared at the end of last summer...

...there should be plenty of rough to avoid.

The heart of it will consist of 4 separate greens, each around 6' x 12'...

...with a low pile outdoor carpet surface.  That should give me plenty of 3' to 9' putts to practice.

Might not seem like much to you, but in my world anything over a foot is a crap shoot, so these greens should serve nicely.

I'll use my whiffle golf balls from the tees and in the fairways, then once on the green I'll swap them for my gutta perchas for a real putting experience.

With 4 greens and 4 tees, there are multiple combinations that will let me play 9 unique holes, using each green twice, and one green three times, for a par 32 or 33 course.

Depending on how this turns out, I could expand to the front yard next year...

...assuming Karen has left me by then for someone normal.

Stay tuned.

We have a number of stray / neighborhood cats who mosey on over for a bite to eat now and then, but one of the strays recently managed to worm his way inside... Buddy the Cat, currently making himself at home on my side of the bed.

He'd been hanging around for a couple of months, out in the woods, seeking shelter under the She-shed at night, and then one day I noticed he was inside.

I questioned the Lady of the Manor closely as to exactly what her intentions were re: this wayward beast, to which she replied (and I'm quoting here for accuracy):

"Oh, never mind..."

Now my fears have been realized.

I've often said Karen's cats live and prosper under the protective umbrella of her love, and never has that been truer than with this latest addition.

Heavy sigh...

Writing continues to go well... I flesh out the details of this short-story-turned-novella.

It's also become a story within a story so am currently searching for a new ending.

At least the creative juices are flowing again.

A quick spin through the parting shots department...

the mural was the best part

magnolia tree in bloom

recently had to shoo a vagrant away from my back patio

a young spiker stopped by for some corn

ain't it the truth

Time to pack it in for this edition of the AMC.

As always we appreciate your patronage, as well as your willingness to be so consistently disappointed.

Hey, it's not like we don't try, we're just not that good.

later, mcm fans...

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