Saturday, May 1, 2021

Currently Under Construction...

 ...and coming 1st putting green, that is.

So far I've removed the sod from a 6'x12' area, leveled the dirt and spread a layer of limestone gravel.

Next I wheelbarrowed about a yard of 3/8" crushed limestone on top of the base layer, wet it and then compacted it with a hand compactor 5x...

...and probably will again at least another 2 or 3x.

Would have been a heck of a lot faster and a ton less work to rent a plate compactor...

...but I did lose two pounds in the deal.

End result is supposed to be a smooth flat surface over which I'll spread some sand to fill in crevices and cracks.

After that I'll cut out a 4.25" hole for the cup.

Then the acid test: attaching the outdoor turf with landscape staples.

(I just laid the outdoor turf over over all that to get a sense of how level it is...and to take a picture.)

In preparation for making use of this work in progress once complete, here's the 1st tee...

A little rough at the moment, as our backyard needs a whole lotta tlc...but it's serviceable for now.

The green is a slight dogleg to the right, and will be a (hickory wiffle golf) par 4.

Together, they will comprise the 1st hole of the Ryan P. Hare Memorial Hickory / Wiffle Golf Course, with 3 more holes to be added by August, Lord willing.

More to come.

In the classic car department...

...I no longer own one.

Yep, Mr. T finally sold this past week, the proceeds of which to be used in the "martinis and bikinis" fund (read: in ground pool).

Had him for 6 years, and he inspired 8 "Papa's Model T" books...

Definitely going to miss him.

End of an era.

Making progress on Born Out Of Due Time...

...right at 23,000 words, headed for 27,000 to 30,000; solidly in the novella category.

With the "story within a story" structure it could easily blow up into much longer book but so far I've been able to resist that temptation.

Depending on the ending, I could leave it open for a follow up novella...still kicking that idea around.

Time to see what's playing at the local Drive-In Theater...

...ah, looks like that old classic, Parting Shots...

it's tulip time... holland...

 ...and lots of out-of-towners are tulip peeping.

Al Bowlly, one of the great crooners of the '30's..."the very thought of you...and I forget to do...the little ordinary things everyone ought to do..."

beautiful spring day

love the shadow play of the oak trees in this picture

new bird feeder...

...getting some action.

the liberals of the plant world...bleeding heart flowers

It's closing time here at the AMC... don't make us turn on the Giganta-Fan and blow all the riff raff out of here...

Go on, git!

later, mcm fans...

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