Saturday, June 12, 2021

A Loved One...

 ...had some excitement this week...but thankfully they ended up ok.

Hard to believe from the pics, but after some stitches and staples, they were actually back at work in just a couple of a different vehicle, of course.

Very thankful to God in heaven they're doing well.

Considering recent events, I don't think my heart can take too much more.

In the far more mundane department, our pool contractor's request for a permit was rejected...

aerial view of our home from a couple of years ago

...but as it turned out, only because they had some distances related to lot lines wrong.

Though it's not her job, Karen quickly stepped in, corrected the information on the plan they'd submitted, and then hand delivered the corrected version to the township office the next day.

At this point it appears we're back on track for the early July install.

You do not want to rile Mama Bear when it comes to her pool.

Another update from the northlands...

the view from the command center north

...courtesy of my friend Larry...

...who specializes in reminding me he's living life at the lake and I'm not.

I have to admit, almost exclusively bc of the wonderful vistas he shares, I'm starting to seriously consider buying some lakefront property when I retire in another hundred years or so.

Good stuff.

Some of you who drop in here occasionally may have noticed a distinct lack of any hickory golf reports so far this year...

...and that is for a couple of reasons.

One is simply recent life changing events have pushed former passions into the background for now...

...but another is that whatever fix I may currently need is being (mostly) satisfied in my backyard with hickory wiffle golf...

...and putting on my DIY greens.

I've installed 3 of them so far, with plans for 2 more before the summer ends...I hope...and I actually "walked 9" this morning.

That obviously involves some creative planning to get 9 holes out of 3 greens and 5 tees, but 30 minutes later when I was done I'd slaked my currently reduced thirst for hickory golf.

I'm sure I'll get back on the links eventually, but at the moment I've got bigger fish to fry.

It's Slim Pickens on the parting shots front this week...

gotta love Blazing Saddles

...which is good, 'cause other than that, not much shaking...

we've got a new friend at the feeders

first daisies of the summer

another first bloom

and yet another...this one's a tiger lily

a friend from work has a daughter in Virginia...she sent him this actual poster...gotta love a sheriff with a sense of humor

thought this was kinda cute

later, mcm fans...

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