Friday, July 16, 2021

It's Been A While...


...more than 9 months actually...since I've swung my hickories on the links.

All things considered, knocking some of the rust off went pretty well...

...I think my time hitting wiffle golf balls in my backyard helped some.

Played with the same gutta percha for the entire round, kept it in the fairways, no mulligans, and managed 4 bogeys...

...though if I had any talent, the last one on 9 could have been a birdie and definitely should have been a par.

The rest of the holes...well, as I heard one fellow duffer remark, if triple bogeys were fabric, I would have been draped head to toe in the stuff today.

Even so it was an enjoyable round...a little solitude, a little exercise, and a pleasant stroll through the countryside.

On the pool / construction front, this has felt like a glass half empty kinda week...

The cement guys never showed, so we still have what looks like a pool in the desert...

...surrounded by sand...not cement.

And the gas heater that was supposed to be hooked up this week has been pushed back to next weekend.

On the plus side, the electricians did show up to finish the wiring / outlets for the pool light, pump, gas heater and timer...a week later than they said they would, but least they did it.

Bottom line, the basic rule of life still applies:

Everything takes longer...

...and costs more than you think it will.

We soldier on.

After 4 months of feeling like I'm at low tide...

...physically and emotionally, seems like I might be turning the corner.

It's tough when one of your children dies, even when you know they're better off in heaven than they ever could have been here on planet earth.

There's really nothing to do but put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

I've spent a lot of time in God's Word and tried to keep busy with the usual routines, but that loss is always right there in the background, looming over you.

It's nice when the sunlight...

...finally starts to break through the clouds a little bit.

Slow week on the parting shots front, so feel free to take the chicken exit if you wish...

...otherwise, in the for what it's worth department...

a little before my time, but not much

love the color of the blue spruce in this pic

hear, hear

I'm glad the glads are finally blooming

he didn't last long once Buddy Kitten arrived on the scene

a repeat from last year courtesy of my co-worker Larry at his the shimmering moonlight by the pontoon in this pic

My pleasant morning has morphed into a rainy afternoon...might be time for a nap...

later, mcm fans...

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