Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Legend...

...of Baggy 4's, actually...and no, I don't wear them when golfing...

...but yes, I'm tweaking the very bad movie, Bagger Vance.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy watching it, because I did...for the period correct clothing, cars, architecture and of course, hickory golfing.

Unfortunately it's a Robert Redford movie, who has even less talent for directing than he did for acting.

As an actor he always leaned way too hard on his good looks and charm which - let’s be honest - he possessed in abundance.

Sadly, those are two totally meaningless attributes when it comes to filmmaking.

(Quentin Tarrintino, anyone?)

Whatever the issue, he managed to squander a boatload of talent (Jack Lemmen, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron to name a few) while mangling a "Zen Golf As A Metaphor For Life" concept with sappy dialogue and maudlin mysticism.

Too bad, because it could have been a fun little sports movie.

He did do a credible job of portraying two of hickory golf's greats in Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, played admirably by Joel Gretsch and Bruce McGill, respectively.

And he got some details right, including Jones' use of "Calamity Jane" when putting...

...and Hagen's penchant for bluster, bravado and brilliant recovery shots.

But he also blew a few, like when Hagen called for his "3 iron".

Hickory clubs had names (mid iron), not numbers.

African American reviewers savaged the movie for reducing Will Smith's part to a "Magical Negro" stereotype, and it bombed at the box office, as any movie directed by Redford should.

Still, you could clearly see Damon, Gretsch and McGill knew their way around the game of golf, and it was fun watching them swing their hickories.

And speaking of hickories...

To the links we go...

...where I enjoyed a mixed bag of a round today.

Managed 1 par and 5 bogeys...had a 1 putt green and all the rest were 2 an improvement in that department.

On the other hand, I had 2 bad shots that resulted in 2 lost in the deep rough on the left side of the 6th fairway, and the other on 7, though I truly have no idea where it went.

When you tee off on 7 you're looking due east, and the sun was directly in my eyes...couldn't see a thing.

I'm sure it's there somewhere, and if I'd spent a half hour poking around I might have found it, but I was so disgusted I just took the penalty stroke and moved on.

Still can't decide which I like better...hitting longer and improving my chances to score a little better, or kickin' it old school and enjoying the game as it was played 100+ years ago.

If this is my biggest problem in life, I've got it made.

Tackled an end of season landscaping job this weekend, in an effort to bring us closer to architect Dean Bryant Vollendorf's vision for our Baysweep home.

Note the clean lines along the wall, especially in the middle, in front of the metal artwork.

Well here's what ours looked like on Friday evening...

...and here's what it looks like today:

There's still some mop up to do of course...move the mums out of there, get rid of stuff growing out of the tree stump I cut down last September, spread out the several tons of rocks they had piled all around the shrubs for some unknown but clearly sadistic reason.

Glad I didn't know how much work it was really going to be...thought I was about to give up the ghost by the time I finally dug out the last of the 5 stumps.

As we pull into the station...

no that is NOT me driving the overburdened Santa Fe...'s time to meander through some parting shots...

they can have him

...but only to keep from crying

a gorgeous sunrise at the lake, courtesy of Larry... complement the moonlight on the dock

ain't it the truth

one traitor to another

thankfully I have no experience with this

'Round these parts it's the last gasp of... get out and enjoy what's left of it.

later, mcm fans...

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