Sunday, March 27, 2022

Are You Smarter...

How about a Supreme Court nominee?

Assuming you're a sentient being registering some minimum level of brain activity, you're aware of the recent brouhaha engendered by an innocuous question.

(Note: if you're none of the above, please click here for something closer to your grade level.)

When asked if she could define what a woman is, Ketanji Brown Jackson informed the world she could not, because - wait for it - she's not a biologist.


She seems to be a) copping to a stunning level of ignorance and b) affirming gender is a biological fact.

Focusing on the latter, I admit I’m not a biologist either.

However, thinking back to 9th grade biology class, I have vague recollections about women having two X chromosomes, as opposed to men who have an X and a Y.

There was also something in there about different genitalia.

If she's able to distinguish the two...

...perhaps she could excuse herself, step into the ladies room, drop her drawers and have a look...we don't mind waiting...that's usually sufficient to clear up the matter.

Failing that, there's the issue of reproductive organs - she's had kids, right?  That whole ovaries / uterus thing.

Plus different bone structure, testosterone levels and muscle mass...just ask the women competing against Lia Thomas about that.

And of course there's the sole reason she is in fact a Supreme Court nominee:

Rather than consider the entire pool of qualified jurists for the highest court in the land, SloJoe mumbled he would only nominate a black "woman".

That sorta sounds like a clue.

Did she not pick up on that?

So defining what a woman is seems like a pretty simple task, especially for a “Hahvahd” graduate, but evidently it's beyond the reach of her intellectual grasp.

We’d like to think Supreme Court Justices are the best and brightest legal minds in the country, if not the world.

Sadly it now seems the bar for being a Supreme Court Justice has been lowered to somewhere around the level of “moron”.

Besides unintentionally becoming an overnight internet meme star...

...Ms. J also provided us with a surefire method of weaseling out of easy questions...

he : Honey, what's the weather like today?
she: Dear, you know I can't answer that!  I'm not a meteorologist.

she: Is your coffee sweet enough?
he : How should I know?  I'm not a nutritionist.

he : Isn't that a beautiful dog?
she: Can't comment; not a veterinarian.

Teacher: Johnny, what's 27 divided by 3?
Johnny: Sorry Teach, out of my wheelhouse.  I'm not a mathematician.

And so the race to the bottom continues as we search high and low for the dumbest humans on the planet to fill the most important posts in government.

Ding ding ding!

This is exactly what the Apostle Paul said 2,000 years ago in Romans 1:22 -

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools..."

Lord have mercy...

...on this, our sinking ship.

Turning to less stressful fare...

...I'm starting to show occasional flashes of competence.

Had a fairly consistent if unimpressive series mid-week, then managed to break through the 200 barrier on Thursday.

Didn't last, obviously - those open frames are score killers.

Bowling at its core is a very simple game.

All you have to do is roll the ball the same way over the same spot every single time and voila - a perfect game.

This is why you should never confuse simple with easy.

Oh well…I’m slowly improving, getting some exercise and having a good time doing it.

In Michigan, early Spring is more "hopeful mindset" than "objective reality".

Last week, with the official start of Spring and encouraged by sunshine and warmer temps, I finally removed the tarps that had protected my putting greens all winter...

Ah joyous springtime, 't endues us most wondrous happiness to see thee!

...but less than a week later...

Ho springtime!  What doth mine eyes behold? Hath winter did return? 

And it continues snowing today...heavy sigh...

I may look happy...

...but I'm not happy.

A glance at my watch...

oops...forgot to shave my wrist again...

...tells me it's time for a quick shimmy through the Parting Shots department.

right there with you

Das Fledermaushaus is now in place, but no tenants yet

since I don’t know what it is, I assume it must be "aht"

spring in Michigan

I need one of these...

...and that flamethrower.  see the full commercial here

If the course of our nation remains unaltered, this will be our epitaph:

time to pray, mcm fans...

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