Friday, March 4, 2022

If You Watched...

...the clown show on Tuesday may still be trying to delouse.

I mean you scrub and you scrub, but you just can't wash off all the lies and filth.

This may's the real "state of the (dis)union", courtesy of the brilliant Ben Shapiro:

We live in an extremely volatile and dangerous world, as we stand on the brink of nuclear war in Europe.

If ever an age cried out for inspired leadership, this is it.

But instead of Churchill we've got a demented Chamberlain.

It's not at all certain we - or the world - can survive 3 more years of Biden's corrupt and feckless ineptitude.

In the spirit of "we laugh so we don't cry", let's move on to happier subjects.

Here's a recent pic of the backyard:

It ain't pretty, but when you compare it to this...'s progress.

Well, that's assuming you're anxiously anticipating the arrival of Spring...

...which I am for obvious reasons.

While waiting for that magic to happen, our foray into the black arts of ten pinnery continues...

...and I've retired my 16# dice ball in favor of this 12# Ebonite Maxim:

I tell myself if we're not going to bowl regularly, the added pin count a heavier ball might produce isn't important.

In reality it's a concession to aging.

If during an average game you're rolling 18 to 20 balls, that's 54 to 60 reps for a 3 game series.

So, how much weight are you swinging?

54 to 60 reps x 16# = 864 to 960 total pounds.

Compare that to a 12# ball, and it's 648 to 720 pounds.

That's a big difference by the 3rd game.

Missing your spot by a board or two due to fatigue is the difference between a solid pocket hit...

...and a split for another open frame.

We'll see how we do this weekend.

It's that time again folks, so no pushing or shoving, line up single file, and let's get this over with, shall we?

fascism is alive and well

I miss this guy

an ugly rumor started by my pursuers

I can't explain this

a repeat, but I like this winter sunset pic

safe bet once the Russians bomb Burisma

There's more we could cover here, but since so much of it is just plain depressing, I'm going to say...

...and call it good.

Oh yeah...almost forgot:

later, mcm fans...

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