Saturday, March 12, 2022

Whatever You Do...

Dali's The Persistence of Memory
...don't forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour.

You don't want them to melt, do you?

Of course you don't.

So be a true patriot and obediently sacrifice your hour of sleep on the altar of conformity.

Daylight Time's not going to Save itself you know, so pitch in, tighten your belt and do your bit.

How did your Barbie party go this past week?

Please don't tell me you forgot...March 9th, 1959...?

Man, this has been a tough week for you...didn't turn your clocks ahead, forgot all about Barbie's 63rd birthday...

To bring you up to speed, you can go here...and don't never say I didn't do nuthin' for ya.

Many moons ago...

...when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was just a young buck...

...I was a halfway decent bowler...not great by any stretch, but somewhere between 180 and 210 was typical for me.

Used a standard 4 step approach and rolled a 16# ball with a fingertip grip.

Nowadays in this, my Bowling Redux, I've switched to a 3 step approach (1 less step to screw up), and roll a 12# ball with standard grip.

It's slow going, but I'm gradually working my way back toward some semblance of respectability:

Needed at least a 9 count on my last ball to hit 200, and with a decent pocket hit I thought I had it...but left an 8-10 split and fell 1 pin short.

Oh's the best I've done since dipping my toes back into this particular pond.

It's a consistency / muscle memory thing...I know where I want to put the ball, but getting my body to do what my brain tells it is my current dilemma.  (And yes, I know that sounds a whole lot like my hickory golf issue.)

Most important - and very different from my erstwhile efforts - I'm able to enjoy the game, even when not doing particularly well.

me, wondering who the heck that is bowling on my lane, and what's up with those high heels?

When my form starts to fall apart I pack it in and give it a rest...there'll be another day, and no point in practicing the wrong things.

This time around, it's just fun to roll the ball and get some exercise for a few games.

Whooda thunk it?

Last weekend it was 66 degrees.  This weekend it snowed again...

...and it’s currently 16 degrees with a wind chill that makes it feel like zero.

As Knucklehead Smiff used to say...

Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney's pal, Knucklehead Smiff

…That’s ridikalus!

But now when I walk outside I hear Robins chirping...

...and next week we’ll be in the 50's and maybe even low 60's.

That’s what I call Schizophrenic Progress…y’know, March in Michigan.

Since public discourse in this country has officially become a bad joke, today’s Parting Shots are weighted toward the comics.

See ya in the funny pages...

5 months?  Fake Justice

In spite of what I see outside my window...

Almost time for the famous Danse du Printemps…

later, mcm fans...

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