Saturday, April 30, 2022

God Help Us... finally happened.  

That which George Orwell wrote as dystopian fiction back in 1949 has come to pass in our day.

The "Disinformation Governance Board" was announced by incompetent hack / DHS secretary Mayorkas, who claims it's necessary to combat misinformation on social media.

And what is mis/disinformation?

Anything that doesn't agree with the official state party line, of course.

So now we need the government's imprimatur - granted by the Thought Police, no doubt - to express our opinions?

So much for robust debate and the open exchange of ideas in a free society.

That rushing sound you hear is your 1st Amendment rights being flushed down the toilet.

If we don't draw the line here, America is lost.

For the sake of sanity we turn now to less depressing subjects.

Lessee...we could talk about the weather...

....only 27% sunshine and on average 4 degrees colder than normal this past April.


Well I guess it's bowling, then.

Hey don't blame me, you picked the subject:

Right at the end of a mediocre week I managed to break out with a respectable effort.

Closest I've come since then is a 196, but I do think I'm picking up a thing or two each time I bowl.

No major game changers, just small points of form that inch me a little closer to consistency.

I hope, anyway.

As always, knowing what to do and actually doing it can be two very different things.

We press on.

We've finally arrived at the month of May, when everything - here in Michigan, anyway - bursts forth into glorious bloom.

not sure about everything on that list...

It better, anyway.

With the colder / cloudier than usual April, we're lagging behind...don't have the leaves we usually do, the grass isn't growing, and other than a day or two here and there, it's been too cold to get outside and do much.

Definitely ready to cut loose with a May Day Dance...

Can Karen and I shake a leg or what?

Ok, ok, everybody just calm down and hold yer horses...we're just about finished here...a quick spin through the Parting Shots Department and you're free to go:

we live in Dutchville and that's our one and only

taken just before the shelf collapsed...

right by the pool, being opened in a few days

can't believe he photobombed my sundial pic

my dear Aunt Vera and her beloved hound, Belvedere

a (faux) Ray Schober DC-3 lamp

the feral Crybaby, currently at the vet's for a good once over...

Alright, that's it!

later, mcm fans...

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