Friday, April 22, 2022

When There's Snow...

...on the housetops, click click click...

I guess it's time for Old St. Nick... pay us a visit, PD Quick...

...but it's only April!  Ain't that a kick...

Apologies for the very bad poetry, but come on...enough already.

To rub a little salt in the wound, #1 son and his fam are in Florida, soaking up sunshine and warmth...

gotta love those palm trees

He said it was 89 degrees there while it was snowing here.

Heavy sigh...

Speaking of palm trees...think I'm going to pop for one to put by our pool this year...

...a replica, of course.

That's an 8' Queen Palm from Tropical Expressions.

It ain't cheap, but it's very realistic and all-weather, so we could dress it up at Christmas time in the snow...a stark reminder that summer's gone and we have months of winter stretching out in front of us...

Ok, so maybe we'd store it...but it's very cool summer decor; we'll see if it fits in the budget this year.

Haven't seen this guy in a while...

the return of...Crying Man!

...but that's just because I'm such a stoic...until now, that is.

Yes, we've been suffering through our annual spring diet routine, and once again I'm stuck at 200 lbs.

Could be worse I suppose; started at 213 this year, and there is progress, but I've got another 5 (read: 10) lbs to go.

If we can ever get outside and get started on our usual spring landscaping duties, I'm sure that will help.

Lots of physical effort awaits us as we whip the Castle Frankenstein into its summertide efflorescence.

In the meantime, there's only so many watercress and cucumber sandwiches one man can eat.

they actually look pretty good, but they're not cheeseburgers

We soldier on.

Something a little different in the bowling department this time:

Welcome to the (former) Carson City Lanes, right here in Carson City, Michigan.

Ok, so not right here, but less than 90 miles north east of here.

It was a family owned, 6 lane bowling alley... back to the 1950's and it retained its old school charm - wooden lanes, above ground ball returns, manual scoring - right up until the moronic Covid lockdowns did them in a couple of years ago.

It's for sale now - sale pending, actually - for the paltry sum of $130,000.

Can you believe it?

In today's market you can't even buy a decent home for that, but you can own a piece of bowling history.

pinsetters, probably Brunswick model A...what could go wrong??

Well, you can't, most likely...not unless the pending sale falls through.

If it does you'll be bidding against me.

Welcome To:

Just $1.00 a game and don't miss today’s Lunch Counter Special:  $2.00 for All You Can Eat BLT's (that's Black Licorice and Tofu).


Line forms to the right for Parting Shots, please have your tickets ready and remember this is a family friendly blog, so...

That's right, I'm talking to you..

does your coffee smile at you?  mine does.

the king and queen

Mr. turkey was so unhappy about the snow he mooned me mi castillo

rocky's mean when he's hungry

of kourse I kan spell

don't know anyone who smokes anymore, but mr. bartender is still cool

Well, whoopi ti yi yo, get along little dogies...

It's time to ride into the sunset again.

happy trails, mcm fans...

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