Saturday, June 4, 2022

48 Degrees This Morning...

...and woke up to this.
I do enjoy a fire in the fireplace, but come on...48 degrees?

Could be was in the 20's in parts of the U.P.

Nothing says Summer Fun In Michigan quite like sub-freezing temps in June.

The highlight of this week's round?

Dropping a 30 footer for birdie on 7.

(As dear ol' Dad used to say, I'd rather be good than lucky, but if I can't be good, I'll take lucky.)

The lowlight?

Splashing one on 2.

The rest was pretty mediocre stuff.

Landed in a couple of sand traps along the way.  To get out, you're supposed to hit the sand just behind your ball.

On the first one I hit the ball, not the sand, and chipped completely over the green.

On the second one I hit the sand too far behind my ball so moved it - and a prodigious quantity of sand - all of 3 feet ahead...just barely out of the trap, but still 30 yards from the pin.

Guess I still need some practice hitting out of sand traps.

Did get a little better as I went along...straightened out my tee shots, not as many 3 putts, chipped with some proficiency.

Ended the round with that 1 birdie, 3 bogeys and the rest languishing around the double-bogey(ish) mark. was a beautiful day...lots of sunshine, temps in the 60's, gentle breeze.

Always a pleasure to swing my hickories and chase the little white ball around the countryside.

Lord willing, we'll tee it up again next week and try again.

Finished hole #1 on Ryan's course...

...and almost done with hole #5...

...a 9' diameter circle.

The putting surface (read: outdoor rug) arrives this week, so that will do it for putting greens.

Last thing I'll do is dig out 2, maybe 3 sand traps.  I obviously need the practice.  (At hitting out of them; not digging them.)

Larry has fled the metro area for parts north, where he's currently enjoying the wildlife...

...and the wild life... his cottage by the lake.

Ok, so maybe one whiskey sour doesn't actually qualify as the wild life, but it sure looks good by the shoreline.

Alright, form a straight line with no pushing and shoving and let's see if we can get through this next part without having to file any property damage claims, shall we?

Parting shots...

3 more tee signs

flora in the hardscape is in glorious bloom

I can definitely relate

my cousin May

early season view from the command center

caught one of the little marauders that's been terrorizing our lawn

later, mcm fans...

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