Saturday, July 9, 2022

Helpful Tip:

 ...always look before jumping in the pool.

Just a harmless garter snake, and could be worse...

...if we lived in Florida.

Even so, swimming with snakes is not our first choice for summer fun.

There was also a little frog in there, which the snake appeared to be chasing.

Either that or they were engaged in a futile attempt to create a whirlpool by swimming laps around the pool.

Karen rescued Mr. Tinyfrog, but left Mr. Snake to me.

I decided to send him back to dry land...

...via air, courtesy of our skimmer net.

Our garter snake friend was an unwitting flier, but believe it or not, there really are <flying snakes>

And you thought flying monkeys were bad.

Yeah, I do, too…freaked me out as a kid.

Golf today is barely worth mentioning...

...but sadly for you, I said "barely"...and it wasn't as bad as the poor sap above seems to think.

My drives from the tee were pretty good; once again mostly on the green or fringe in 1...but I did drop 1 in the drink, 1 in a sand trap and 1...well, that one remains a profound mystery.

I saw it hit the green, and even found the fresh ball mark on the green as expected...but the ball itself?

No idea, and after 10 minutes of fruitless searching - and yes, I did check the cup on the premise that:

- I ran up the white flag of surrender, took a drop, chipped on in 3, 2 putted for a double bogey then wandered over to the next tee, shaking my head in mystified wonder.

I did see a blue heron there so I suppose avian theft is one possibility

Finished pretty well, though...bogeyed 6, parred 7, birdied 8, so confidently strode to 9, happily anticipating my very first hole in one.

Imagine my shock when I carded a bogey.

Well, not THAT Bogey, but you get the idea.

Just wait til next week.

In spite of our best efforts to slow it down...

...summer continues racing by.

We've lost 10 minutes of daylight since June 21st, and I'm already halfway through my allotted "Friday's off", so you know what that means...

...well no, not the Zombie means the countdown to fall has begun.

No reason to panic...ok, that's an overstatement; there are always reasons to panic, but it probably makes more sense to plan ways to make the most of the 2nd half of the summer.

That may or may not involve jumping off a dock into a lake, but whatever it is for you, get after it.

Won't be too long before the cold winds blow and you'll be huddled indoors, wishing you were outside feeling the warmth of the sun as you strolled along in your t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

I have, too.

As the sun sets on another faskinatin' blog entry, I say we all pile in the car and see what's playing at the Drive-In...

...wouldn't you know it...a re-run...oh well, be a sport and go buy me a Dr. Brown's Cream Soda and a box of Jujubes, would you?

And make it snappy!  The picture's starting...

another day in the books at Larry's cottage...

...but only after listening to ZZ Top at the Cherry Fest

Chip, surveying the area...

...then making a run for it...

...and now you know why

no, really, it's troo...he wrote the hit, "Hoo Are Yoo"

my fave non-Ronson cigarette dispenser

a close second

And with that, kind reader, we've arrived at the end of the line.

Yep, you're walking the rest of the way from here, but let's face it, you could probably use the exercise.

I know I could.

later, mcm fans.

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