Saturday, July 16, 2022

Shoulda Quit...

 ...while I was behind.

Yeah, that's just a random pic from Ryan's Hickory course...for whatever reason I haven't taken any pics while golfing at the links this year...but the sentiment is sincere.

I was +2 after 5 today...started with 2 bogeys then strung 3 pars together, so when I walked to the 6th tee I was feeling pretty good.

But then...

Rocky Marciano hammering Jersey Joe Walcott, September of 1952

Ok, wasn't quite that bad, but I did feel like I took it on the chin.

My +2 after 5 ballooned to +8 by the time I holed out on 9.

Double bogey, bogey, bogey, double bogey to finish.

9 was the worst, as I mangled a short chip from the fringe with a chance to 1 putt for par, and turned it into a long chip over the green with a 3 putt for double bogey.

Ah, well...such is the Royal And Ancient Game... least the way I play it.

Even with all that, I still managed to end up 1 stroke better than bogey golf, which for me is pretty good.

Might be time to challenge my old nemesis...

In the "Man Am I Old" department, one of my grandsons...

...just bought his first home:

His dad (my #1 son) is finishing up the demo portion...

...and then they’ll start putting it all back together flooring, drywall, windows, light fixtures, etc etc etc.

Lots of sweat equity, but it will be very nice when complete.

More to come...

Busy day at the farmer’s market…

…and Karen was on the hunt for some begonias...

...and cucumbers.

Also snagged some chocolate chip cookies and a couple of hot dogs on the way out.

Gotta love the Farmer's Market.

As you scurry to the exits, feel free to browse some parting shots...

we laugh so we don't cry

Larry snapped this pic at the Cherry Festival

if this is progress you can have it

not convinced that's a real bird

I've still got mine

see above

Chip is still hanging around

as Homer says, it's funny because it's true

Bidenflation 101

they are glorious this year

As we close, a word from King David:

later, mcm fans...

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