Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

 ...and L'incompétent.     

No, I'm not talking about Clint's movie...just my golf outing today.

The Good - 3 pars.  In my world that qualifies as excellent.

The Bad - 3 bogies.  To be honest, that's not all that bad...I'll pretty much take a bogey any day of the week.

The Ugly - 1 double bogey.  It qualifies as ugly because it was on the first hole, and I dropped my tee shot in the drink...definitely not how I wanted to start my round.

Took a drop for 2, chipped onto the green in 3, 2 putt for double bogey.


That leaves just 2 holes, but oh what holes they were.

With sincere regret, I give you...

L'incompétent - honestly, I have no words, but that never stopped me before, so here goes.

Decent tee shot on #5, but a little long and it bounced off the green and into the sand trap.

I've done that one other time, and actually managed to save par.

Not this time...

...flubbed the shot from the sand trap, so I'm still in the trap, just 5 feet ahead.

Ran up the white flag of surrender and decided to practice, so I moved the ball back, and swung again.

Out of the sand trap, over the green, into the sand trap on the other side.

Sighing theatrically, I trudged to the other sand trap where I repeated the flub.

Moved the ball back and tried again, and this time did it right...out of the trap and onto the green, followed by a 2 putt for an obscene score (including applicable penalty strokes) that I refuse to put into exact numerical nomenclature.

That was more than enough to blow up my round, but apparently I was just getting started.

Three holes later, I embarked on another exciting adventure in cack-handedness.

This one involved a botched tee shot, a mulligan, 3 lost balls and me being so disgusted I walked off the green without even bothering to putt.

should be my clubs throwing me into the water

Yeah, it was that bad.

I'm still a bit dazed and confused how those 2 holes went south in such spectacular fashion, and they completely negated anything good that happened on the links today.

I guess golf is like life - every so often you get slapped upside your bony noggin and knocked on your butt.

Funny how that works, but the point is to get back up and get on with it.

I've got a week to figure it out.

Turning to happier themes, invited some friends over for an afternoon cookout…

...and commemorated the event with this picture from my SX-70.

Despite the questionable weather forecast, we had a truly delightful time together.

Karen did her usual fabulous job of meal prep, the rains held off, and we enjoyed a relaxing, late summer afternoon of good food, great company and lively, interesting conversation.

The meal included burgers  on the grill, brisket, potato salad, garden salad, veggie pizza, cucumber sandwiches (don’t laugh; they’re really good), cole slaw, watermelon, and blueberry nut squares for dessert.

That and a cooler full of summer refreshments made for a delicious repast.

Looking forward to doing it again.

I've decided to completely avoid politics...

...since we’re all sick of the constant lies and corruption we see all around us...

...and just move directly to Parting Shots.

No need to thank me.

an unexpected but much appreciated gift for the host and hostess from Larry

a crackerbarrel special Larry found...

...complete with its delightfully politically incorrect explanation.  Duke sounds like my kind of guy.

as SloJoe brags, "I did that!"

note the vacant, wide eyed stare of the obediently masked, double vaxxed, triple boosted fascist zombies

Karen's home-brew made right there in the bathbub from fruits and berries found in our poison ivy infested woods...enjoy.

sudden summer downpour...note the patch of blue sky

Mr. B caught in the act

As summer prepares to dance off the stage and yield the spotlight to Autumn, we leave you with this reminder from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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