Sunday, November 6, 2022

It's 2 AM On Time Change Weekend...

...and I can't figure out how to "fall back" on this sundial.

Ok, bad joke, but did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

It's possible we won't be doing this next year if the so-called "Sunshine Protection Act" becomes law.  Then we'd be on Daylight Savings Time (DST) year round.

Might be a good thing - few people enjoy darkness by 5 pm in the dead of winter - but it would wreak havoc with all those sundials.

They show "solar time".

When you have a "correct angle" gnomon (the angle should match your location's latitude) pointed to celestial north, the face of the sundial is designed to show noon when the shadow is due north.

So during Standard (solar) Time, when the gnomon's shadow points north, it's noon...same as your clock shows.

But...during DST, when the shadow on your sundial shows noon, your clock says 1 pm...because we "Sprang Ahead" an hour in March.

So if DST becomes the standard, all those sundials will be off by an hour - and not just from March to November as they are now - but all year long.

Yeah, I know...who cares about sundials, right?

Well, I do.

I like sundials.

“Everywhere else time is a digitized slave
driver, coldly slicing life into uniform
chunks of hours, minutes and seconds,
measuring success or failure by deadlines met
or missed.

“But with a sundial in my garden time is
analog, a servant and occasionally a friend.

“When it’s cloudy I give it the day off and
there’s no time at all, and when it’s sunny I
mark its progress by a graceful shadow on a
simple dial.”

    - Kammi Harmon, Loved Of My Father

And don't even get me started...

...on Analemmas.

Don't know about you, but I'm exhausted by the frenetic pace and overwhelming number of political attack ads.

All these cheating crooks smiling like weasels at the camera while they lie through their teeth about their accomplishments and their opponents...

Almost everyone who's been in power the last few years should be thrown out on their ear; they've proven themselves to be corrupt and incompetent.

Can't wait to vote on Tuesday and be done with it.

Most of our leaves have fallen's a pic from a week and a half ago...

...and here's what it looks like today:

Besides cleaning up a ton of leaves, I'm also hoping to get my last round of golf in next week.

They're closing the course by the end of the week, but the first few days look pretty good...sunny and 50's.

One good round; that's all I ask...

...before the long cold winter arrives.

Time put on your zoot suit...

...and boogie through the Parting Shots department:

unfortunately, this view...

...has been replaced by this one

Larry removed the dock a week or so ago

a repeat just because I like them

our 2nd sputnik light fixture

wind gusts of 55 mph this weekend...

...and a few things got blown around

halloween refugees seeking asylum in the courtyard

almost time to shift gears

this, my friend, is heaven on earth...Karen's apple pie

As the most consequential mid-term election in recent memory looms, remember:

Get out and vote!

later, mcm fans...

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