Saturday, November 19, 2022

It's A Marshmallow World... the winter...or so Dean Martin opined musically, even though technically it's not winter.

Sure looks like it, however...

...and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

Now that's a holiday I can cozy up to...all that delicious fare provided by the grace of God, and enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

Can't wait.

Larry and his dad are back at their cottage for deer season, and guess who got his deer on opening day?

Congrats to Mr. Brown!

Looks like venison for Thanksgiving this year.

Recently worked on a first pass of the Wild_Hare Pool Hall...

...and happy to report consummatum est.

Here's what it was:

And here's what it is now:

painting and design courtesy of Karen (of course)

that's a Go Sports 7' portable pool table...highly recommended

Not that we won't tweak it a bit, but it's good enough for the upcoming holidays.

Hope my grandkids enjoy... rules notwithstanding.

Of course Karen and I tried it out...

...and all I can say is there must be something wrong with my cue or the pool balls or something, because she kicked my butt.

She can be mean that way.

Enough palavering, it's time for a stroll through the Parting Shots Department...

cats 1, people 0

another take on this eternal truth

not convinced he paid to get in

if I had a $ for every time I heard that...

a Jack Adams Brassie courtesy of The Hickory Golf Workship

O that wonderful, terrible day...

lining up to be Thanksgiving dinner

We've arrived at the station, folks...

...and while that may not seem like much to you, at least it's better than a kick in the pants with a pointed shoe.

No really, it is.  If you'd ever been kicked there you'd know.

Next stop...


later, mcm fans...

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