Saturday, December 10, 2022

Transforming The Walk Of Fear...

...into Candy Cane Lane:

The insider's view:

Cue the Christmas music...

...and bring me some figgy pudding hot chocolate.

Now for a lesson in...

I recently noted I'm enjoying spinning Christmas vinyl on my early 70's Weltron 2005 record player / radio / 8 track player:

Apparently you're not supposed to say those types of things out loud, because a day or two later, guess what stopped working?


Thus began an immediate two pronged approach to solving this problem:

1) a search for a suitable replacement, which resulted in this:

An ultra cool, early 60's Philco phonograph, and since it's tube electronics, even more MCM appropriate than my Weltron turntable.

shooting some 9 ball, listening to Elvis croon Christmas carols and watching the Lions beat, really!

Love the warm scent of tube radios, TV's and phonographs.

Happy to report enjoyment of Christmas vinyl has resumed with reckless abandon.

But that's not the serendipitous event.

Since I didn't want my Weltron to sit broken and unused, I continued my problem resolution activities with:

2) an internet search for folks who repair vintage turntables.

This is somewhat akin to searching for Bigfoot...

...though unlike Mr. B, they do appear to exist.

Not in abundance, by any means - and many of them seem to be websites only, rather than functioning businesses.

Multiple email and contact form inquiries yielded a grand total of 1 response...from someone in Tennessee who said "...we have a gigantic backlog and might be able to get to your Weltron sometime in 2023, but no guarantees; check back in January."


Into this gloomy scenario, enter my new neighbor - who moved in this summer, literally right next door.

In casual conversation I mentioned my broken Weltron, to which he quite unexpectedly replied:

"Wow, those are rare nowadays.  If you like I can fix it for you."

One doubletake and a not so quick tour of his workshop later - he has over 2,000 radios, turntables and miscellaneous audio equipment, including an incredible 1954 juke box he rebuilt himself - I left my Weltron in the most capable hands in the Midwest.

And that boys and girls, is what's known as Serendipity

Some mugs you may need to own:

translation for the English majors among us:  i 8 sum pi (and it was delicious!)

my daily routine at work

the solipsistic credo

a regular occurrence

'Tis the season...

...and that's a wrap on this edition of the AMC.

Two weeks left until the big day, so you still have plenty of time to procrastinate and then panic at the last minute...

later, mcm fans...

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