Saturday, February 26, 2022

"What Men Call Peace... the little time necessarily spent...reloading their guns."

I don't normally turn to 19th century agnostics for words of wisdom, but sometimes truth is where you find it.

And here we go again with the war drums...this time it's Russia invading Ukraine.

Fortunately we're blessed to have SloJoe and his highly trained associates at the helm during this international crisis.

In a recent one on one with an NBC lapdog, VP Harris was reminded that in spite of SloJoe's empty promises to "shut down the virus", covid was still very much alive and well.

Was a course correction needed?  Was it time?

In an awe inspiring display of brilliant analysis, Harris summoned the full measure of her impressive intellect, leaned in to her softball pitching faux adversary...

...and with a deadly serious look left us with this gem of a response:

"It is time for us to do what we have been doing.

"And that time is every day."

There you have it.  No wonder the secret service nickname for her is DeepThought.

Equally reassuring is our always relevant Climate Czar, John Kerry...

"Teresa still hasn't told me what all 57 varieties are..."

...whose one notable achievement in life has been marrying into the Heinz fortune.

Now - when he's not lounging around his wife's enormous mansion or sailing on her luxurious yacht - he spends his days crisscrossing the globe in a private jet, preaching about the evils of carbon emissions.

You might think this would make Lurch feel just a teeny bit guilty since, you know, he's personally responsible for a whole crap ton of carbon emissions, but not to worry.

While the covid so-called "vaccine" can't prevent you from getting or spreading the virus, the elites in this country have apparently found a real vaccine against self-awareness that's 100% effective.

Money, privilege, power perhaps?

Whatever it is, it definitely works.

And so, when the hot war began and images of exploding buildings and injured Ukrainians filled our TV screens...

...the obliviously self-assured Lurch sat down for an interview and gave us the full benefit of his timeless wisdom:

"I think hopefully, President Putin would realize that in the northern part of his country, they used to live on 66% of … frozen land.  Now it’s thawing and his infrastructure is at risk, and the people of Russia are at risk.”

So it’s true...arrogance does make you stupid.

No doubt, right near the top of Vlad The Destroyer’s priority list, perhaps just a notch or two below "overrunning neighboring countries, controlling western europe and restoring Russia to its Soviet Union glory", is a deep and abiding concern for the climate.

And then there's the Walking Lie Factory, white house press secretary Jen Psaki.

A reporter reminded her that SloJoe remarked a week before, he knew Russia was going to invade Ukraine and nobody expected sanctions would stop him.

The reporter then asked the obvious question: in that case, what have you actually done ?

The woman who's giving redheads everywhere a bad name reached down, grasped the wooden handle of the starter cord, gave it a brisk tug and cranked up the propaganda machine.

"We've rallied world support," she blathered as yet another noxious cloud of lies filled the room, "and built a global coaliton!"

Ah, of course...a global coalition.

We're now in day four of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Maybe Jen should trot on over to Kyiv and conduct some "man on the street" - or more realistically, "man huddled in a bomb shelter" - interviews with terrified Ukrainians to assess how well her mythical coalition is working.

Lord, please help us.

In this most serious time, these are not serious people.

In 2020 America was energy independent, exporting our excess, and oil was $40 to $50 per barrel.

We're a little more than a year into the SloJoe Show, during which time he shut down the energy sector of this country, and we are now back to begging OPEC, China and Russia to sell us more oil.

Not surprisingly, the price of oil has risen to over $100 per barrel.

Our enemies have been enriched, strengthened and emboldened.

We have become poorer, battling runaway inflation and are reduced to pleading with China to help us deter Russia.

Predictably, they rebuffed our pathetic requests.

SloJoe's chickens are coming home to roost...

...and sadly, thousands, if not millions - here and abroad - will pay the price for his weakness, stupidity and incompetence.

In the meantime - here, anyway - life goes on, and one of the small blessings for which I'm thankful is this last weekend of February.

Finally slogging through the shortest / longest month in the year stirs hope for warmer days ahead.

The time change...

...St. Patrick's Day...

...and then glorious Spring...

life is better down that old dirt road

...all occur during the next three weeks.

In addition, Karen and I have made a stuttering start on bowling again (i.e., we've been twice)...

...with enjoyable if not spectacular results.

It's the plight of the serial beginner.

If we bowled regularly - once or twice a week - we'd develop muscle memory and endurance, and would probably see some improvement...but right now that's not going to happen.

Once summer rolls around and I'm taking Fridays off again, I may combine my golf outing with bowling on the way home.

Dad?  Is that you?

That's as long as we haven't gotten into a shooting war with Russia by then.

Enough already!  Time to actually do something instead of just bloviating on this blog.

I leave you with this happy thought:

later, mcm fans...

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