Saturday, October 26, 2019


...Willow Jean...the first child of my grandson Marcellus and his wife Rileigh.

It's amazing when you think of it, but who could have guessed they'd have the world's most perfect baby?

Way to go, y'all!  Nailed it on the first attempt.

Besides being that rarest of our clan's offspring (i.e., a girl) she also has the honor of being the lightest at birth, weighing in at a diminutive 4 lbs and 12 ounces.

On the opposite end of that scale is my #4 son, Chris, who burst onto the scene 35 years ago at a whopping 12 lbs 2 ounces.  The nurse told us he was the only baby they'd delivered who arrived wearing a helmet and shoulder pads.

Willow also has the distinction of being my first great grandchild, something for which I may never forgive her.

I can't possibly be that old.

Welcome, Young One...may you enjoy God's love and kindness as you walk with Him along Life's challenging path.
This past week the leaves finally got busy doing their Fall duty...
beautiful colors right outside my workplace in GR
...and unfortunately that includes falling...
...all over my yard...
...anyone got a rake?
I recently purchased some Christmas cards online, and of course I bought them from the Retro Christmas Card Company, run by mid century modern connoisseurs Brent and Diane Dempsey.

Here are just a few of their cards...
...they have many, many more, all of them flush with mid century modern holiday charm.

Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

While I was on their website I looked at their blog, and they recently completed an uber cool upgrade to their beautiful mcm home:
They put in a gorgeous fireplace!

This was no small task, as you can see from their starting point:
Very cool project and very well done.
Apparently I spoke too soon about my last round of golf for this year...turns out it was no such thing as I was able to squeeze in another 9...
love the reflections in the water...and thankfully my gutta percha stayed out of the water this time...
...and I did ok...hit my mashie pretty well, putted with some proficiency...
...and didn't have to go swimming to retrieve any stray golf balls...

...though the course was still plenty wet.

Even managed to par the short par 3... well as the short par 4...
...swatted a 40 yard niblick within 18 inches of the cup.

In spite of the crowds, TV cameras and all that money on the line, I steadied my nerves and stroked it in for par...a bona fide mi'racle*

* mi'racle   noun
  mir-a-cle, | \ my-ra-kul \

 1. contraction of minor and miracle; thus pronounced "my-ra-kul".
 2. a surprising but not supernatural occurrence, i.e., no laws of nature were broken during the production of this event.

e.g., miracle: me leaping over a tall building in a single bound.
        mi'racle: me carding a par on a short par 4

And who knows, at this rate I might even manage another round before the snow flies.
The big day is now less than a week away...
...and treat bag prep continues...
...I've got about 65 made and will probably make another 50 or so.

Considering the weather forecast of cold and possibly snow, we may not give them all away....but better safe than sorry.

Also need to work on putting batteries in various props as we prepare for "the walk of fear"...
It will be a little different this year...a couple more entries, a few adjustments...just hope the weather's not so bad that no one sees it.
Some parting shots on your way out the back door...

[What?  You think you can waltz in and out of the front door?  Cheeky...]

true dat

continuing with the theme... lovers' autumn delights...

...signs, decor and clock in my favorite coffee shop, Joe-2-Go...

our 2 little fawns are growing up

#2 son Ryan down in Florida sent me a Romeo y Julieta cigar...

..."hecho en Cuba"...pretty good smoke...

All of us here at the Atomic Monster Cafe...
...would like to say "thank you" for stopping by, wiping your feet before  you came in and knowing enough not to overstay your welcome.

Now shoo...we've got important things to do...

later, mcm fans...

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

I Am Reminded...

picture of Manistee River Valley courtesy of Larry Brown
...of why I love this time of year so much...Autumn truly is a gorgeous season.
Gotta love bright sunshine, cool temperatures and glorious colors.
Less than 2 weeks now until All Hallows E'en... we've started decorating and began with Big Frank.

Of course, he's been joined by some friends...
...and they look pretty good, all lit up at night.

I know there are a lot of Christians who get their underwear in a knot over this day - I was one of them years ago - and no question Halloween has a dark, occultic side to it.

But for most normal people, it's just a day to dress up, have some fun and get some free candy.

Karen and I look at it like this:

What other day in the year is there when people come to our front door and happily accept whatever we give them?
So we eschew all the cut and slash and demonic crap, focusing instead on some good old fashioned spooky fun...
...while giving every child some candy, a party favor, and a gospel tract.

We know they'll like the candy, we hope they'll enjoy the party favor, and we pray they'll be introduced to the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If that upsets some people...
In the O So Sad department, "my" course has closed for the season...
...but I was still able to get in what might have been my last round of the year at another course.
It was soaked as all of them are around here, but it was still a beautiful day...and for the most part I did alright.
Really only had 2 terrible was a slice that landed in the woods, resulting in a lost ball...VERY disappointing...and expensive.

The other was one I hit fat from the 8th tee and so dropped it into the drink.

After the requisite commentary (#$%"&*@!) I was just about ready strip down to my skivvies, dive in and retrieve my gutta percha - which as you may recall, has the utilitarian quality of floating in water - when I spotted 2 golfers finishing on the green behind me.

I explained the situation to them - which they had to see with their own eyes to believe - and they very graciously pulled out one of those extendable ball retrievers.
I thanked them profusely for saving me from committing ritual suicide right there near the 8th tee.

(Note to self: get one of those handy devices, or else avoid water hazards in the future.)

All my other shots were either good or at least within the bounds of the acceptable ("ok, I know what I just did and how to correct it...")
I even putted pretty well, a part of my game that is often hit or miss.

And yes, that's Calamity Jane again...finally had to run up the white flag of surrender on my woods (driver and putter).

Time to face reality...I'm...
...well, not that guy...just a man who uses irons...
...not woods, when golfing.

I don't know why, but irons make sense in my world of limited time and talent while woods remain a profound and unsolvable mystery.

In the final analysis my round was as always a little solitude, a little exercise and an enjoyable stroll through the country.
Slow day at the farmer's market...
...not as many people or vendors...
...but still lots of fall produce.
It was the final appearance this year of our favorite hot dog stand... we "relished" our last delicious dogs of the season.

The farmer's market does continue even as the cold weather arrives.  By the end of November they switch to the Kerstmarkt (a Dutch Christmas market) something to look forward to even when autumn gives way to winter.
And here we go 'round the horn...
the tree creature continues to be a pit stop along Squirrel Highway from the ground to the tree tops

almost squished this guy getting into my truck

finally, a theory that makes sense to me

I can't explain this

The John G. Munson, anchored near Rogers City, Mi

delightful fire at the Irish pub


an unexpected visitor...

...and a few of his pals (look in the woods)

Human Nature 101

coming soon to a holiday near  you
Daredevil that you are...'ve once again put it up on two wheels as you raced to the end of another excitin' edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

You speed demon, you...that's a nice piece of driving right there.

later, mcm fans...

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