Saturday, June 12, 2021

A Loved One...

 ...had some excitement this week...but thankfully they ended up ok.

Hard to believe from the pics, but after some stitches and staples, they were actually back at work in just a couple of a different vehicle, of course.

Very thankful to God in heaven they're doing well.

Considering recent events, I don't think my heart can take too much more.

In the far more mundane department, our pool contractor's request for a permit was rejected...

aerial view of our home from a couple of years ago

...but as it turned out, only because they had some distances related to lot lines wrong.

Though it's not her job, Karen quickly stepped in, corrected the information on the plan they'd submitted, and then hand delivered the corrected version to the township office the next day.

At this point it appears we're back on track for the early July install.

You do not want to rile Mama Bear when it comes to her pool.

Another update from the northlands...

the view from the command center north

...courtesy of my friend Larry...

...who specializes in reminding me he's living life at the lake and I'm not.

I have to admit, almost exclusively bc of the wonderful vistas he shares, I'm starting to seriously consider buying some lakefront property when I retire in another hundred years or so.

Good stuff.

Some of you who drop in here occasionally may have noticed a distinct lack of any hickory golf reports so far this year...

...and that is for a couple of reasons.

One is simply recent life changing events have pushed former passions into the background for now...

...but another is that whatever fix I may currently need is being (mostly) satisfied in my backyard with hickory wiffle golf...

...and putting on my DIY greens.

I've installed 3 of them so far, with plans for 2 more before the summer ends...I hope...and I actually "walked 9" this morning.

That obviously involves some creative planning to get 9 holes out of 3 greens and 5 tees, but 30 minutes later when I was done I'd slaked my currently reduced thirst for hickory golf.

I'm sure I'll get back on the links eventually, but at the moment I've got bigger fish to fry.

It's Slim Pickens on the parting shots front this week...

gotta love Blazing Saddles

...which is good, 'cause other than that, not much shaking...

we've got a new friend at the feeders

first daisies of the summer

another first bloom

and yet another...this one's a tiger lily

a friend from work has a daughter in Virginia...she sent him this actual poster...gotta love a sheriff with a sense of humor

thought this was kinda cute

later, mcm fans...

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Saturday, June 5, 2021


June 6th, 1944...never forget.

This is why...

 ...Michiganders love "up north"...that's a view from my friend Larry's cottage near the Traverse City area.

Love the mirror like reflection of the clouds in the water.

The lucky stiff is working remotely from there - for a while, anyway - and every so often he graces me with a pic or two...

...of life on the lake.

He actually gets paid to work from there...go figger...

Saw this scenario on our back patio this week...

hey...what's that?

don't see anyone around...

yep, coast is clear...

mmm...seafood sensations...

Who knew?  Blue Jays like cat food.

Got one half of our Redneck Riviera situated this weekend...

...with our inflatable hot tub...and this year we done gone and got ourselves a ga-ZEE-bo...insert excited "yee haw" here.

2nd half of our RR scheduled for early July when Mirage Pools installs our's been a 4 year wait on that so we're pretty excited.

Lately I've been on "mole patrol"...

before: that's part of a mole tunnel

...using my 13.5 lb compactor to flatten the network of mole tunnels criss crossing our yard...

after: flattened tunnel and hopefully dead moles

...they're busy little buggers and wielding my "stomper" has become a regular part of my "daily functional fitness" routine.

We've spread grub killer around, too.

This is war, but so far I haven't resorted to dynamite like Bill Murray in Caddyshack...

Just about time to close up shop here at the AMC...

...and as we go we leave you with these parting shots...

very windy day

back the huge oak tree canopy overhead

a co-worker shared this pic of a couple of foxes in his backyard

roses are beautiful this year

gotta get some of those

more beautiful roses

I'm getting old

later, mcm fans...

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Monday, May 31, 2021

Someone's Building A Gazebo...

 ...right in the middle of my I recently attended a planning commission meeting to register my concerns.

"I must protest," quoth I, "this wanton intrusion of ugliness into the pristine beauty of my golf course development."

"Who are you calling ugly?" the planning commissioner replied testily.

Sensing I may have blundered, I attempted a hasty tactical retreat.

"My darling Kumquat, I-"

"Don't you 'darling kumquat' me," she warned.

"You knew I wanted a gazebo there!  They were on sale at Aldi's and we were lucky to get one!"

"Yes, my dearest love," I entreated, "but you should know I saw a spotted owl there just the other day, so I think we're obligated to reconsider-"

"Ha!" she scoffed.

"You wouldn't know a spotted owl if it bit you in the butt!"

"I don't believe they typically attack humans, my angel, but even if they did they're still protected-"

"Enough complaining!" she proclaimed.

"Now make me a drink; I'm going to watch my show."

"What show?" I queried.

"New Amsterdam," she replied.  "I recorded it last night."

"But I thought we were watching that new Swedish series from Walter Presents, Crimes Of Passion,"...

...I suggested, fearing with this change of subject my protest may have been given short shrift.

"That was before you started whining," she informed me, "so now I'm watching New Amsterdam.

"And don't make my drink too strong.

"We still have to finish putting the gazebo together."

"Yes of course, my sweetest Cucamelon," I replied deferentially, as a sudden chill swept over the room.

'I suppose,' I consoled myself, as I set to my assignation of mixing a vodka tonic, 'a narrower fairway will just make it a little more challenging.'

Now where did I put that lime?

But speaking of DIY golf courses, work continues on the 3rd green...

...those are bags of sand...the turf is just laying there for now.

I'll remove it, spread the sand, wet it and compact it, then put the turf back on and attach it with the landscape edging.

Depending on conflicts with the gazebo construction schedule, it should be completed within the next day.

Or two.

Went to see my grandson and his family's new digs...

...and also to visit my great granddaughter...

...who's still a little unsure about the old man taking her picture.

They've got a nice place in a small town north of the city now...much nicer for raising a family.

Hopefully they will make many happy memories there in the years ahead.

Even though America the Beautiful no longer exists, having been auctioned off to the highest bidder (read: the CCP and their bought and paid for puppet, China Joe), it's still appropriate on this Memorial Day weekend... stop and think of those who, in years past, gave their lives in defense of what was at that time, their beloved country.

As the saying goes, All gave some; some gave All.

We remember.

A few parting shots on your way out the door...

the view from the command center

don't know what it is, but it's big and it's ugly

hardscape plants in glorious bloom

late May, early morning indoor fire

late May, early evening outdoor fire

looks like it’s ready for the new tenants to move in

know what this is?

a hole in one, that's what that is

Another rousin' edition of the AMC draws to its fitting end...

no really...I looked up "fitting end" and that's what showed up

...and may I just say it was a little slice of heaven being here today.

But it's over now, so move along...that's it, keep shuffling toward the door, folks...nothin' to see here, show's over so go about your business...

later, mcm fans...

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