Saturday, July 13, 2019

Almost time...  P A N I C !

Why?  Because it's almost the middle of summer!

I know there are those of you who don't see the logic here, but you're the same folks who'll be taken completely off guard by the zombie apocalypse.
You gotta prepare for these things, people.

If you don't, everyone else will be panicking at the appropriate time and you'll be the ones left behind asking, "what's all the hubbub, bub?" that's my kind of preparation...
So this is the kind of day it was on the links...
...1 putt for par?  Nope...2 putt for bogey.

...1 putt for par?  Nah...3 putt for double bogey.

...1 putt for par?  You get the idea.

Those were the only chances I had for par...for all the other holes, when I finally made it to the green, par was just a fond memory I had passed several strokes before while flailing away in the rough.
It was so bad that after the 3rd hole, I removed my cleek (fairway wood) from my Sunday bag and walked it back to my truck in the parking lot so I wouldn't have to look at it while downshifting into "simple golf".

But you know what?

I still enjoyed it...a beautiful summer day, strolling through the gorgeous country side.

Would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't completely forgotten everything I ever knew about golf, but oh well...stuff happens.

Spent a couple of hours in my backyard swatting whiffle golf balls with my hickories when I got home and straightened a few things out.

I hope.

Lessee...left arm straight, interlocking grip, relaxed swing, fold in 2 eggs, beat until firm...
A momma doe appeared this week with her two fawns...
...gotta admit, they're cute little buggers.

We're blessed to be able to see so many different kinds of wildlife populating our backyard from time to time.
In the "odd coincidence" category, came across this internet ad..., he's not a ringer for yours truly...but still...
The back patio project progresses with more concrete cutting..
#4 son in a cloud of concrete dust...
...and more patio demolition... we're finally to the point where we'll pour new cement on Monday afternoon.

This is really great news because much to my surprise I've discovered that sitting on my butt in an office somehow failed to prepare me for the physical rigors of hauling broken pieces of cement in the hot sun all day.

Who knew?
It's taken longer than expected, but we finally have a bubbling rock fountain in our southwest landscape area...'s a closer look...
Not completely set in place yet as we're still checking fountain height and splash diameter...but it's pretty close.
...should be finalized by tomorrow.

The bubbling fountain water feature will be a nice complement to the otherwise dry southwest hardscape.
Sadly, we've come to the end of another excitin' edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

I know  your lives are a little richer for having visited, and now you'll be fending off melancholy, waiting for the next edition.

Please know our army of talented and creative writers are already at the sparkling offices of the Atomic Monster Cafe...
...working tirelessly to bring you the best in non-fattening, reduced calorie, gluten free and only mildly addictive mind candy.

No need to thank's what we do.

later, mcm fans...

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Friday, July 5, 2019

Happy Birthday...

...Lester C. Hare...born July 5th, 1921.

In honor of what would have been his 98th birthday, I decided to use my set of hickories from the 1930's...the same types of clubs he used as a young man.
Golf was one of his favorite pastimes, and when he was prowling the links with some regularity he hung around par.

So I thought I'd channel a little bit of his spirit out there on the links today.

This, it turned out, was not a great idea.

My regular set of hickories from Louisville Golf are quite a bit heavier than the antique set I've got, and so with the lighter clubs my timing was off for most of the round.

If Dad was watching today, he had to be shaking his head and wondering how someone related to him by blood could be that bad at an activity in which he excelled.

Oh well...the best I could muster was 1 par and 2 bogies...and that was on the last 3 holes...took me that long to adjust my swing to the lighter clubs.

Every other hole was an exercise in higher math and bizarre physics.

When I got home I quickly removed the 1930's era hickories from my Sunday bag and put them back in mothballs where they shall remain.

Sorry Dad...gave it my best effort.

Happy Birthday...looking forward to seeing you again.
Last night as expected our neighbors were kind enough to provide a fireworks show for us...
...several in fact...we were surrounded by fireworks for most of the evening while we sat outside and visited.

Saved us the trouble of piling into the car and fighting the crowds.
Things continue to bloom around the ol' homestead...
...the tiger lilies are gorgeous...

...the yucca plants are flowering now...

...threw this one just because I like the way the flag looks...
It's been very hot and humid this holiday weekend, so 'round about 9 o'clock I went outside to sit down and relax in what passes for "the cool of the evening" these last few days.

While I was trying to relax in our adirondack chairs, Karen decided to relax as well...
...and that, folks, is as close as Karen comes to "relaxing"...she's digging in the dirt to plant some more flowers we bought today.

And guess who got to haul the bucket full of dirt?

Yes, they are beautiful flowers, and yes, I am thrilled at how spectacular the place looks under her constant care and tireless ninja landscaping.

I'm also exhausted.
Our back patio is a real eyesore...
...lots of cracked and uneven I'm paying #4 son to break it out and pour a new one.

Here he is getting started...
The demolition part of this job is not especially just beat the snot out of it with an 8 lb sledge hammer, something he happens to be really good at doing.
But this holiday weekend #5 son and his bride are staying with us...and it just so happened older brother chose this brutally hot weekend to get started on this lovely job.

Was #5 son happy about being pressed into service as designated helper?

I'll let you be the judge...
"How did I get roped into this nonsense on the hottest day of the summer??"

We (yes, I did get sucked into this loathsome job as well) stacked the broken cement pieces by the side of our garage...
...and he hauled a truck load away as well.

We have neighbors who'll use pieces for retaining walls, pathways, etc.

I have a very bad feeling Karen will want to do the same which means her beast of burden (read: me) will be forced back into a life of conscripted labor once again...I'm so happy I could spit.
And now I must bid you a fatigued farewell.

later, mcm fans...

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th...

...2019...We celebrate America...greatest country on earth for 243 years and counting.

I hope today is more for you than just time off from work enjoying some good food...more than just fireworks, family and friends.

I hope you contemplate - truly consider - the tremendous sacrifices made by generations before to secure our freedoms and make our liberty a reality.
We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who have gone before.  Their bravery and service made our current estate of peace and prosperity possible.

Give Thanks...
...and God Bless America!
Got this from Larry up in Traverse City...
...what a gorgeous picture...he's a blessed man to enjoy this beautiful view of the northern Michigan sunset and I appreciate him sharing it with us.

They also have an air show to celebrate Independence Day...
...very impressive.
Here's a pic of us hosting a recent cocktail party...
...what?  Are you calling me a liar?

Fine, I admit it...we don't have that many friends nor enough money to pay people to pretend to be our friends...but I can't help that print by Diane Dempsey of
Ok, you're off the hook for now...short, mid-week entry due to Independence Day.

Get out there and enjoy this, our nations's birthday!

later, mcm fans...

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