Sunday, January 28, 2024

A New Toy...

...from Menards...only $30, it's portable, easily folded up and stored away.

Unimpressive though it may be, yet it's a fun way to get in some much needed practice on these dreary winter days.

One of the things I'm trying is a different putting style:

Obviously not a real "broomstick" putter; I'm still rocking Calamity Jane.

It is however a similar concept...left hand holds the top of the putter steady while the right hand grips the putter lower down and makes the stroke.

At this point I figure it can't be any worse than what I've been doing, and it actually feels more natural.

The real test of course will be on the greens this Spring.

Until then I'm <counting the days...>

After more than 2 feet of snow fell in the course of a week...

...we've been experiencing an extended warm up, with temps in the mid to high 30's and plenty of rain.

That's what's left of Karen's "5 minute snow thing", and there are even a few patches of green showing now:

If this keeps up, I'll be back outside swinging my hickories again in no time.

Francis Ouimet, 20 yr old amateur, beat the 2 best professional golfers in the world - Britain's Harry Vardon and Ted Ray - to win the 1913 US Open in Brookline, MA

You know what today is:

It's the NFC Championship game between the favored 49ers and the underdog Lions...winner plays in Super Bowl LVIII (that's 58 for those of you who don't speak Roman), two weeks hence.

Confession time...I long ago gave up watching sports on TV for a couple of reasons:

1) it's a scientific fact that TV's do not alter broadcast content when yelled at...

...ergo screaming at them like a crazed maniac does nothing but <increase your chances of heart attack>, alarm neighbors and scare the cat(s).

2) see #1

However, we will check on the game now and then to see how things are going, and during this time I will be wearing these:

My "Lions Slippers", purchased many years ago about the same time I bought my guys monkey slippers...

...dinosaur slippers, crocodile slippers, etc.

I figured why should they have all the fun?

So no, they're not Detroit Lions slippers, but if they win tonight's game, I'm buying some Honolulu Blue hair spray and giving them a makeover.

Stay tuned.

Time to 23 Skidoo...

guess who's got a birthday coming up?

a bunch of deer lying down on the job in our front yard

same bunch, back on the clock

that's Francis Ouimet on the right during the 1913 US Open, and his 10 year old caddy, Eddie Lowery on the left.  They remained lifelong friends, and Lowery went on to become a millionaire.

go woke, go broke, good riddance

sometimes it seems that way

A reminder from God's Word...

later, mcm fans...

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

First Sunrise...

...of the year...that I've been able to see, anyway.

One of the local forecasters said we've had a total of 4 hours of sunshine through the first half of January.

It's been grim, with 14 days in a row of measurable snowfall.

Of course, the locals are dismissive since "it's just lake effect"... if its origin somehow mitigates the fact that hello, it's snowing...again...

But change is on the way, according to the weather geeks.

This coming week could see rain as temps rise into the 40's, and as unlikely as it seems...

...all this snow could disappear.

"So enjoy this weekend!" they admonished.

Always good advice, that's exactly what I'm doing:

Hey, you do what you like, I'll do what I like.

In the "let's not get ahead of ourselves" department:

If the Lions beat the Buc's... today's NFC Divisional title game, they'll play next week in San Francisco against the 49'ers for the NFC Championship.

If they win that...well, if they win that game...

- the team that hasn't won an NFL championship since 1957

- the team with the 2nd worst record all time among the 12 NFL teams that have played 1,000 games or more

- yes, that team will play in the Super Bowl.

And if by some miracle they actually win the Super Bowl, then our beleaguered Lions will finally be rid of the dreaded (fictional) "Curse Of Bobby Layne"!

the man himself, circa 1956

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

You know what to do, it's 23 skidoo:

finally, an inexhaustible food supply

some 1920's humor and still true today

cool malm fireplace, very mcm

a tip o' the hat to the 1924 Paris Olympics, just ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics: Chariots Of Fire, the story of Eric Liddel and Harold Abrahams

As you race for the exits, a reminder from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Joy Of Joys...

...winter hath returned...with a vengeance.

The actual storm front has passed, and now we're into the lake effect portion of this system.

By the time all the shouting's done they're forecasting 14+ inches of the white stuff will have fallen.

yes, we kept the Christmas lights on the trees in back

day 1 of the storm, a little after sunrise

just as the lake effect snow began

Of course we knew temps in the 40's and 50's couldn't last, and for a large part of Michigan's winter economy, this weather is a Godsend.

But from my little corner of reality, I'm more than ready for this:

<Heavy sigh>

Monday is Martin Luther King day...

...and for the first time in my working life, I have the day off as a paid holiday.

That's a nice gesture on the part of my employer - an appropriate one - because MLK was a towering figure in this country's civil rights movement; an intelligent, eloquent force for good.

He was a martyr for the cause of freedom, and as all martyrs for just causes should be, he is honored and lauded for fighting the good fight, even at the cost of his life.

Do yourself a favor and read the full text of his "I Have A Dream" speech.

Delivered six decades ago, it stands as one of the best, most significant speeches in the history of this country, ranking with Lincoln's Gettysburg Address for its moral clarity and historical import.

Happened onto an interesting website / blog called Red Horse Garage.

The gentleman who runs it is a dedicated motorcyclist who recently changed sides from Harley Davidson to BMW.

Not sure if that's significant or not, but just an fyi in case you take sides in these kinds of brouhahas.

(I've always loved that word and occasionally construct pointless sentences like the above just so I can use it.)

One of his videos I found quite well done is The Mother Road Tour

There are actually several videos of his tour as he was gone for weeks, and there's a ton of great scenery and vintage Route 66 sites.

Enjoy, and don't never say I didn't do nuthin' for ya.

It's time for me and you to 23 Skidoo...

our "privacy bushes" bowing before the fury of Mother Nature

Karen's 5 minute snow-thing before the storm arrived...shades of Calvin.  apparently she's been listening to punk rock again.

mr. chiminea is not too happy about the storm

threw this in as a you can use terms like "waxing gibbous" and "waning crescent" intelligently

the snow looks like icing on a cake

Buddy's new digs

best apple pie on the planet, courtesy of Karen

my next radio, as soon as I can scrape up $50k...the Zenith 1000Z Stratosphere, a 25 tube set from 1935 (original price: $750; porcelain cat extra)

On this snowy January morning, I leave you with this truth from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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