Sunday, January 21, 2024

First Sunrise...

...of the year...that I've been able to see, anyway.

One of the local forecasters said we've had a total of 4 hours of sunshine through the first half of January.

It's been grim, with 14 days in a row of measurable snowfall.

Of course, the locals are dismissive since "it's just lake effect"... if its origin somehow mitigates the fact that hello, it's snowing...again...

But change is on the way, according to the weather geeks.

This coming week could see rain as temps rise into the 40's, and as unlikely as it seems...

...all this snow could disappear.

"So enjoy this weekend!" they admonished.

Always good advice, that's exactly what I'm doing:

Hey, you do what you like, I'll do what I like.

In the "let's not get ahead of ourselves" department:

If the Lions beat the Buc's... today's NFC Divisional title game, they'll play next week in San Francisco against the 49'ers for the NFC Championship.

If they win that...well, if they win that game...

- the team that hasn't won an NFL championship since 1957

- the team with the 2nd worst record all time among the 12 NFL teams that have played 1,000 games or more

- yes, that team will play in the Super Bowl.

And if by some miracle they actually win the Super Bowl, then our beleaguered Lions will finally be rid of the dreaded (fictional) "Curse Of Bobby Layne"!

the man himself, circa 1956

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

You know what to do, it's 23 skidoo:

finally, an inexhaustible food supply

some 1920's humor and still true today

cool malm fireplace, very mcm

a tip o' the hat to the 1924 Paris Olympics, just ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics: Chariots Of Fire, the story of Eric Liddel and Harold Abrahams

As you race for the exits, a reminder from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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