Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sweet Sixteen...

...and regularly kissed...Happy Anniversary to us.

Here's what Karen posted on fakebook...

I'm a blessed man.

Didn't expect much from today's outing on the links...

...been suffering with a hot tooth that was finally yanked on Thursday.

A limited diet and multiple nights of fever dreams left me feeling weak and unfocused so I scaled back the tools of my ignorance to just a mid iron, mashie and niblick.

Also switched out my more expensive Goodman balls for Callaway supersofts, so if I lost any it wouldn't be quite as painful.

End result?

Meh...about what I expected.

Had some chances along the way, but I could feel I was off...listless, out of sync and just sort of going through the motions.

Managed a par and a couple of bogies, but the rest of the round would have been frustrating if I'd actually cared, which to be honest, I did not.

Probably shoulda stood in bed this morning, but the days when I can swing my hickories are rapidly slipping away.

So I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed and done dooded the dirty deed.

Lord willing, I'll tee it up again next week and hope for better.

‘Tis the season for cognitive dissonance...

...when I get to enjoy a warm fire on a cold morning...truly one of life's sublime delights.

And why is that cognitive dissonance?

Because there is little I enjoy less  than a cold morning.

Contradictory though they may be, both statements are true in my world, so this week as the temps dipped into the low 50's I got all 3 of our fireplaces up and running.

Welcome, Fall.

And what do we expect to happen in the fall?

You guessed it...the battle of the retail's late September and stores have both their Halloween and  Christmas displays out now.

Are you ready for Ho-Ho-Ho?

How about No No No!

I'm not, anyway.

Heavy sigh...

Sights from here and there...

that's electrifyin'

another view from the lake courtesy of Larry

and one of the sunset from our courtyard courtesy of Karen

sounds about right

did I use this one already?  I like the blue-jay-in-mid-flight look

it’s another great day to be him

too late

It has taken an enormous amount of self-control to avoid wasting blog space on the constant catastrophe that is Joe Biden and his band of misanthropic miscreants.

I may not spare you in the future.

Today however I'm choosing to eschew belaboring the obvious about these criminally incompetent fools and instead will simply quote Proverbs 1:32

Let us pray God will honor His Word.

later, mcm fans...

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Smoke On The Water...

...and fire in the sky...

...with apologies to Deep Purple.

Another view from Labor Day morning...

Starting to look and feel a whole lot like fall.

Speaking of Autumn, it's nearing that time of year again...

...yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Meet willie, the newest member of our menagerie...

was he wearing my sandals??

...and here he is in action:

willie comes with a volume control, so he can be a lot louder, but I think "medium" will be about right.

I'll probably set him up in the rock garden...

...away from the door...we like to spookify not terrify the kids and he's probably our scariest prop to date.

We now return to our regularly scheduled font.

Life at the lake continues with serene sunrises...

...gorgeous waterfront vistas...

...and a new mouth to feed.... Dale, Chip's skittish cousin.

Larry reports that unlike Chip, this guy takes awhile to screw up his courage, then dashes in...

...grabs the goods and hustles to his safe space to devour his treat.

Big fun.

To the links we go...

...and what I like about these "Goodman" classic era hickory golf balls is the improved distance.

Had a few chances to 1 putt for par since I'm consistently getting 30 yards more per club.

What I don't like is I still haven't figured out how to putt with these #@$%&!  things.

Didn't have quite as many 3 putt greens this week as before, but only snagged 1 par, and that was on the 7th hole par 3 when my niblick shot landed within a few feet of the cup.

Did manage a few bogeys along the way, but the rest were my usual double / triple / I’d-rather-not-talk-about-it bogeys.

there was a tourney just starting as I was finishing today so had to wait to tee off on 9...3 people and 2 carts...God forbid they should actually walk the round.

So the jury's still out on this one.

It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed my stroll through the countryside as always, but I'm seriously considering going back to my gutta perchas.

When I'm using them I don't think about my score as much.

I figure if I'm anywhere near the same zip code as par that's a plus, so I tend to enjoy the round more.

Decisions, decisions...

And with that, kind reader, we draw the curtain on another excitin' adventure in blogging excellence.

For this week's effort rest assured we used only the finest raw materials, guaranteed to be free from all toxic waste matter...

…well, almost.

later, mcm fans...

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