Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy 2014...

Spent this evening watching the best New Year's movie ever, "When Harry Met Sally"...then we shared a kiss at midnight as the ball dropped.

Best memories of 2013?  Martinis and bikinis in the pool all summer long...can't say enough about how good that really was.  Worst?  Four weeks of peak...we totally booted the Christmas rush at work and may lose a major customer because of it.

I don't do resolutions from year to year...used to back in the day, when I actually kept track of how many workouts I did, how far along I was in my devotions, etc.  Now I'm thankful to be vertical and able to take nourishment, and my goals are pretty much always the same:  be the best Christian I can be; be the best husband I can be; be the best employee I can be.

A favorite item:

That's a 1962 Austin Cox Alcoa aluminum chess set...they were made by the Alcoa aluminum company for clients as an "executive gift", and have made their way into mcm lore...current prices on ebay are over $800, but thankfully I paid quite a bit less than that for the pieces and board.  Love the design, even though I'm not an active chess player.  A way on back in the day I pushed the pieces around, but never had the patience - and let's be honest - the IQ points - to be a top notch player.  Even so, I love the design, the look and feel, the beautiful symmetry, of a good chess set.

It's pushing 1 am and I'm closing up shop on this first day of 2014.

The Atomic Monster Cafe

Happy Holidays...

Yep, that's a 1960's aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel...in front of a Malm fireplace.  Pretty cool.

Unlike some folks, I'm ok with the Happy Holidays greeting...there are, after all, quite a few of them packed into a relatively short span of time...if you back up to October 31...All Hallows Eve, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year's...might have missed a made up one or two in there, but you get the idea...so when people wish me Happy Holidays I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are in fact sending well wishes my way and not making a purposeful attack on the birth of Jesus Christ.

The point of this blog is pretty oblique...especially since the readership is now and probably will remain easily counted on the fingers of my right hand...will post occasional musings, pics of favorite art deco or mcm items, and original short stories as the spirit moves me.

There...having mused, here's a pic of a favorite item...my Atomic Monster:

Ok, so there's nothing especially mid century modern about Mr. Bolts - probably more art deco when you think back to his 1931 beginnings - but he's still awesome, and always a trick or treater favorite each October 31...got him from Grandin Road a few years ago.  He's light activated, and rocks back and forth, moaning and growling with clinking chains in the background until a jolt of electricity lights up his bolts and he groans loudly.

You have to grow older, but thankfully growing up remains optional.

So Happy Holidays, mcm fans...and on this snowy New Year's Eve, welcome 2014.