Sunday, July 31, 2022

Some Dear Friends...

Herb and Sharon

...stopped by for a visit...and they're more than friends; Herb was my employer for almost 4 decades.

He accomplished many things during those years, not the least of which was maintaining an active and honest Christian witness in the often bruising world of business.

By God's grace, the good things my family and I enjoyed through the years sprang from my association with Herb and his company.

It was delightful to share some good wine...

...delicious food Karen prepared, and great conversation on a gorgeous summer afternoon.

There is progress on my grandson's home... spite of how it may look.

They’re repairing / rebuilding walls and ceilings throughout his new place, and as with most things in life, it's a race against a deadline.

He may end up couch surfing for a night or three, but they're plowing through the tough stuff now and things should start coming together in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.

Up in Larry's neck of the woods, life at the lake is a real struggle...

tough day on the docks for Mr. Squirrel this chillaxing squirrel attests.

Thankfully it's not all toil and sweat... he found time to Pit Boss for an RBOR racing friend (Larry, that is...not the squirrel).

A couple of very long days at the off road course, but at the end it's pizza and beer and gorgeous sunsets by the lake...

Not all bad.

Hickory golf was about the usual for me...

...except without the well dressed posse there to witness it.

Only managed 2 pars and 3 bogeys this outing.

The rest were the uglier second (and third) cousins of the know, relatives you'd rather not admit are actually part of your family...

...but what are you going to do?

They're blood, so break me off a piece of that chaw...

...wouldja Cletus?

Lord willing, we’ll tee it up next week and try again.

It's that time, so everyone form a single line...

...and let's conga through the parting shots department, shall we?

recent downpour

ain't it the truth

caught in the act

admit it; he's right

a recent visitor to our local grocery store

we would have, had they been selling anything

After calm and careful consideration, I've concluded...'s definitely time to press the button.

We're starting August, and despite our very best efforts, summer is once again slipping away.

You know what that means...

...oh yeah...Summer's packing up and headed to the station...again.

Thankfully she's walking and it's gonna take a while, so A) do NOT give her a ride, and B) get crackin'! on the rest of your summer fun activities!

Won't be long before... know.

later, mcm fans...

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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Fared A Little Better...


...on the links today...1 par, 6 bogeys and 2 triple bogeys.

Was actually on the green in one - like you're supposed to be on a par 3 course - 6 out of 9 times, a minor miracle in my world.

If I could learn how to putt these fast greens - a vain hope, apparently - that would have been 6 pars.

Alas, the 3 putt remains the bane of my golfing existence...

The 2 triple bogeys were back to back...the 1st one was just a lousy tee shot into the weeds, so I intentionally took my drop into a sand trap...a mixture of punishment for being a jackwagon and a desire to practice sand trap shots.

The 2nd one was just me continuing to kick myself...

...instead of letting it go and focusing on the task at hand.

After that little bit of nonsense I righted the ship and finished with a par and 2 bogeys...the last one especially frustrating since it was a 2 inch tap in.

Oh always, it was some solitude, some exercise and a (mostly) pleasant stroll through the countryside.

Since it's the July 4th weekend...

...I would normally start this blog entry with a tribute to our country, but we're a year and a half into the post-America puppet regime of SloJoe...

...the cognitively impaired criminal illegally occupying the White House.

During his short tenure as faux-president, we've gone from:

- a booming economy
- efficient supply chain
- low inflation
- energy independence
- secure borders
- and a strong military

to where we are today:

- entering a recession
- empty store shelves
- record high inflation
- gas prices twice what they used to be
- porous borders flooded with illegal immigrants
- and a woke military...

...more focused on proper pronouns than defending our nation.

Every time the lunatic opens his mouth...

...he spews more lies, disinformation and unintelligible word salads.

No idea when this disaster will end, but guaranteed once his dementia finally renders him incapable of reading the teleprompter, his own party will get out the long knives and cut him loose.

Lord have mercy on our once great nation.

On a happier note, #5 son and his wife joined us this holiday weekend for fun and relaxation around the pool…

...around the fire…

...and, well, I can’t explain this:

Benjamin and I walked 9 on Ryan's Hickory Golf Course...

...where he actually chipped in for eagle on the par 4 #7...

...particularly rude if you ask me.

They also enjoyed time at the lakeshore... well as our usual neighborhood fireworks:

As always it was a delight spending the holiday with them.

Already looking forward to next year!

Meanwhile, up north...

...the Cherry Fest is underway and Larry is livin' the dream, enjoying the excitement of the Blue Angels...

...and the serenity of life at the lake:

It's not all fun and games since there is actual work to be putting in the dock each year...

...and cleaning up after the beavers:

Minor inconveniences when compared to the view from the Command Center North at the end of another beautiful day by the lake...

The good life.

And now for a quick fox trot...


...through the Parting Shots Department...


Marilyn in 2012, about to sing at the President's retirement party...the uber cool frame is from Make It Midcentury

no comment

love these flowers

like I said...

but you knew that

We leave you with this thought from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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