Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Descent...

...Into The Maelstrom...with apologies to Mr. Poe.

This past week has not been quite as terrifying as E.A.'s story from the 1800's, but as work week's go it's been intense.

Finally took the plunge into "go live" mode with our Warehouse Management System, beginning with a very long weekend of physical inventory and software cutover.  My one, 30 hour all nighter last Sunday/Monday pales in comparison to the hours some other team members have put in to this effort, but it was plenty for me.

We're making progress and gaining on it, which is to say the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight...
...and we are hopeful that's not an onrushing locomotive.

We'll know more by the end of this week.

In other, less stressful doin's, I purchased a spoon from Kelly Leonard.
What were you expecting?

It's a custom made, pre-1900's golf club, and it's a beaut.  Hickory shaft, of course.

Should arrive here within the next week or two, and I'm pretty excited about getting out on the links and proving I'm just as incompetent now as I ever was when it comes the ancient game.

I do hope to find a different attitude than I wielded in my younger days of ignorance and arrogance.

My plan is to find the joy of the activity and not be quite so results oriented as in days gone let go of the slavery of a score and become focused instead on embracing the process.

Destinations are nice, but journeys are better.  We shall see if I've matured or simply aged.

Mr. Leonard is a very skilled craftsman who makes beautiful woods from days gone by.  You should check out his website at K.L. Hickory

At the same time as our WMS go live week, February decided to morph into April, and the rest of the locals enjoyed sunny temps in the 50's and 60's.
might not have been quite this green but it was warm...
Naturally those of us involved with the WMS did not get to enjoy that as we spent our 18 to 20 hours of consciousness each day laboring in the salt mines...but as we kick February in the ass and say hello to March this week, we at least have hope for what's ahead.

And what's ahead at the moment is the rest of Sunday, so I shall say kuaga*

later, mcm fans...

* Swahili for "farewell"

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day...

...Y'all...hope it wasn't a St. Valentine's day massacre for you.  Above is our little feast, the crown jewel being the glazed cream cheese paczki's.

The white roses mixed in with the reds are from Karen's birthday on the 1st, so they're still hanging on.  Pretty impressive.
The heart shaped pizza Karen made tonight...a delicious treat.
...and the beauty herself, holding her flowers.

We don't go crazy on this Hallmark holiday, but we do make an effort to enjoy a low key celebration of our love for each other.

It's "go live" week at work for the warehouse management system we've been working on for the past two years, so things are pretty intense at the moment.  I'll be glad when it's mid March; we should be by all the excitement then.

This past weekend we watched a couple of old movies, and I liked the opening Universal logo so I took a picture of it:
Love that art deco lettering.

Have decided to take up golfing again after a 20+ year layoff.  One of my sons enjoys golfing so the plan is to go out with him a few times this year.

Because I'm a fan of all things vintage, the clubs I bought are hickory shafts from the 1920's and 1930's, restored and playable.
This set has a brassie wood, a cleek iron, a mashie, a mashie niblick, a niblick and a putter.

That's more or less equivalent to a driver, a 2 iron, a 5, 7, 9 and putter.

Back in the day when I would accompany my dad or brother in a round of flog, I used to occasionally do what I called my "3 club challenge".

I once read the great Jim Thorpe used to shoot par for 18 holes with only a driver and niblick.  While that may or may not have been true, I figured I'd tweak it a bit and give it a try.

Since a great golfer I wasn't, I found I scored about the same with 3 clubs - a fairway wood, a 5 iron and a putter - as I did with a bag full of 8 or 10 clubs.

Once I'm used to swinging the hickory sticks, I plan to do the same...only this time I'll be carrying a spoon, a mashie, and a putter.

Here I am in my traditional 1920's/30's golf garb.  Note the tie, in a double windsor knot, of course.
Ok, so that's not me but my stuff looks pretty similar.

Karen asked me if I was really going to be seen in public in my "costume".

"It's not a costume, my dear," I replied.  "It's more of a uniform, the traditional clothing all experienced hickory golfers wear."

"Then why are you wearing it?" she wanted to know.

Point taken.

We'll see how this goes.

I'm hopeful I haven't just gotten older with the passage of time...that I've also matured as the years raced by...that enough rough edges have been knocked off and I'll be able to find the joy in this activity and not be a slave to strokes on a scorecard.

It's late and go live week continues...

later, mcm fans...

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Game...

...of Kings...and the king of games.

What?  You thought I'd post something about the Stupid Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday?  Not on your life.  Overhyped, overpaid millionaire crybabies competing in a kids game...file that under "couldn't care less".

Not that I'm a big chess player, either...don't have the patience, temperament, or - let's be brutally honest here - IQ points to be great at that game.

But it always interested me...the strategy, the beauty of the pieces, the complexities, the creativity involved in this thinly disguised metaphor for war.

Anyone recognize the picture above?  It's from the second Sherlock Holmes movie, Game of Shadows, at the end of the movie.

It's 1891 and Sherlock, portrayed absolutely brilliantly and eccentrically by Robert Downey, Jr, is playing a 5 minute blitz game against the evil mastermind Professor Moriarty, portrayed convincingly by Jared Harris.

It's winter in Switzerland, and they're playing at night, outdoors.  A lovely, elegant setting for a deadly conflict that ends with both of them plunging a thousand feet to what must be certain death.

Or must it?

Another view of the chess board:
Love the starlit night...except those aren't in the movie...those are our twinkle lights in the theater room.  If you look carefully you'll see just below the lights, just above the board, the faint outline of our two drama masks, hung just above the TV.  They're a little easier to spot in the first picture.

Great pic either way.

This has been a bit of a do nothin' weekend...didn't make a lot of progress on anything, either at work or at home.

Not that I don't have plenty to do; the good Lord in heaven knows I do...but writing on "Man" was slow and painful, and work was sidetracked with system problems Friday night.

Saturday we got some shopping done, then watched the aforementioned movie.  Today I did some work related things but not enough of them, flailed away on my book for a bit, and still need to get a workout done.

Did spy a cardinal at the feeder this morning...
They are beautiful birds.

Been kicking around the idea of buying some hickory shaft golf clubs, just because they're vintage.  Used to flog back in the day, mostly because my dad was a golfer and it was one of the few ways I had to spend any time with him.

My general feeling has been golf is a good way to ruin an otherwise pleasant stroll through the country, but I don't know...I've got a son who likes to golf and I never see him...this might be a way to spend an occasional Saturday morning with him.

Plus, I love the names of the old clubs:

One of the fun chapters in my book is going to be called Of Baffy's, Cleeks, Mashies and Niblicks.

Enough for now.

later, mcm fans...

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Birthday...

...Karen...don't ask which one...she'd have to kill me if I put that here.
But she's still just as beautiful as ever, and even though there's only a few years between us, people still think she's my daughter.

She regularly teases me with "O, Daddy..."

But you know what they say...what happened to the man who got everything he wanted?  He lived happily every after...

Amen to that.

So we celebrated Karen's birthday with champagne and roses, enjoyed a good meal at Olive Garden and of course, watched our seasonal favorite...
Great of, if not the best movie Bill Murray ever made.  He actually had to act and not just smirk his way through a bunch of gags.  He was still hilarious as always, but also showed a serious side as he morphed from a self-centered louse into a quality human being.

Enough for now...

later, mcm fans...

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