Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th...

...2019...We celebrate America...greatest country on earth for 243 years and counting.

I hope today is more for you than just time off from work enjoying some good food...more than just fireworks, family and friends.

I hope you contemplate - truly consider - the tremendous sacrifices made by generations before to secure our freedoms and make our liberty a reality.
We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who have gone before.  Their bravery and service made our current estate of peace and prosperity possible.

Give Thanks...
...and God Bless America!
Got this from Larry up in Traverse City...
...what a gorgeous picture...he's a blessed man to enjoy this beautiful view of the northern Michigan sunset and I appreciate him sharing it with us.

They also have an air show to celebrate Independence Day...
...very impressive.
Here's a pic of us hosting a recent cocktail party...
...what?  Are you calling me a liar?

Fine, I admit it...we don't have that many friends nor enough money to pay people to pretend to be our friends...but I can't help that print by Diane Dempsey of
Our back patio is a real eyesore...
...lots of cracked and uneven I'm paying #4 son to break it out and pour a new one.

Here he is getting started...
The demolition part of this job is not especially just beat the snot out of it with an 8 lb sledge hammer, something he happens to be really good at doing.
But this holiday weekend #5 son and his bride are staying with us...and it just so happened older brother chose this brutally hot weekend to get started on this lovely job.

Was #5 son happy about being pressed into service as designated helper?

I'll let you be the judge...
"How did I get roped into this nonsense on the hottest day of the summer??"

We (yes, I did get sucked into this loathsome job as well) stacked the broken cement pieces by the side of our garage...
...and he hauled a truck load away as well.

We have neighbors who'll use pieces for retaining walls, pathways, etc.

I have a very bad feeling Karen will want to do the same which means her beast of burden (read: me) will be forced back into a life of conscripted labor once again...I'm so happy I could spit.

So why are your reading this blog on Independence Day?

Get out there and enjoy this, our nation's birthday!

later, mcm fans...

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