Sunday, March 20, 2022

Well, Well, Well...

...look what the cat drug in...if it isn't "The One We've All Been Waiting For"...

Sure took your own sweet time getting here...where the heck have you been anyway?


Don't give me that...I know what you've been up smell like a brewery for crying out loud.

I don't care if you did bump into St. Patrick's Day along the way...

....just because he drinks til he can't remember his name doesn't mean you have to!

If he jumped off the roof, would you jump, too?

He did??  I hope you were smart enough...

Oh never mind...I'll put on a pot of coffee.

And where are your manners?

Wipe your feet already!  You're tracking in the mud!

You've been hanging out with Old Man Winter again, haven't you?

Well it sure feels like it!

Shut the door, would you?  It's freezing out there.

I thought you were supposed to be all sunshine and flowers!

Well you're a far cry from that let me tell...


Uh...hold on one said you should leave...I mean, you just barely arrived...

Now don't be so're here so you might as well stay.

Yes I know, we just need to have a little patience.

We'll knock off the rough edges in a month or so.

Just settle down and come on in...

Welcome, Spring.

So far my quest to improve in bowling is off to an inauspicious start...

the sad trilogy of my decline

...the only tangible result is that cool score sheet I printed.

My plan is to keep track of my games so I can have a record of my progress...assuming there will be some eventually.

Those Wild Hare score sheets were my 1st official step in our "Home Bowling Lane" project...

what it *might* look like in the future...

...and what it looks like now

....filed under the "drop in the bucket" category.

My 2nd step was contacting an architect to put some actual plans and costs together for the addition we'll have to build on the back of our home if this is ever going to happen.
More to come.

It's that time again folks...after an exhausting exercise in blogging excellence, it's time to unwind with a nice claret...

...and a relaxing stroll through Parting Shots Land...

sunrise, 1st day of Spring

Das Fledermaushaus for our backyard...hoping to draw them away from our eaves

a duck call...admittedly an impulse buy from a local hardware store...but hey, we DO have ducks hanging around our birdfeeder

squirrel acrobatics...when was the last time YOU stood on your head for a meal?

my side of the bed again...they do that on purpose

recent visitor

a whole bunch of us would wake up with nothing

good flick, def worth a look

I was just getting ready to send up an SOS flare... declare this blog entry an official emergency, but then I decided Nah...I think I'll just go to bed.

happy first day of spring, mcm fans...

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