Saturday, April 20, 2024


...but oh so true. 

I miss the America of my youth.

When I was a kid, we recited the <Pledge Of Allegiance> before the school day began.

We were taught <The Golden Rule> as the foundation for proper relationships in life.

We were raised on principles of faith, family, hard work and helping others in need.

We believed America was…

...a place of opportunity to which people all over the world flocked for a better life.

It wasn't perfect by a longshot - Civil Rights were hard won in a bloody grind, vehemently opposed by powerful democrats.


You shouldn't be.

Brush up on your history and research the 1956 <Southern Manifesto>.

The "I feel your pain" party stood in violent opposition to the Civil Rights movement.

Democrats from both the Senate and the House declared their commitment to "segregation forever", pointlessly delaying cultural change - that was already too slow in coming - for years.

Governor George Wallace, democrat, standing in front of the University of Alabama in 1963, vowing "segregation now, segregation forever"

In spite of these obstacles we believed progress was possible, that we could overcome ignorance and hatred, and by so doing create a better future for everyone.

The zeitgeist, the prevailing "spirit of the age" was hopeful, optimistic, happy.


Because we believed America at its core was exactly what President Lincoln said it was...

Far, sad cry from today's dystopian society.

In much lighter fare...

...I once again gathered up the tools of my ignorance and ventured forth to do battle on the links.

Since my gutty playset is still woefully incomplete, I decided to use my 1920's era hickories and Calloway Supersoft golf balls.

And I did so after gleaning a few pointers from the great Harry Vardon's book...

...originally published in 1922 when Vardon was in his 50's.

This is a delightful read, presented with an understated British flair, and covering each club Vardon considered worthwhile: driver / brassie, cleek, mid iron, mashie, niblick, putter.

That's it; when he was in his prime, winning 6 British Opens and scores of other tournaments, he only used 7 or 8 clubs.  (He carried 10 or 11; 3 extras, in case a hickory shaft broke during his round.)

I'm no threat to win anything, but my playset today wasn't too far off his standard: no driver or cleek, but I did carry a brassie, mid iron, mashie, niblick and putter.

And I definitely picked up pointers from his book.

One about stance - his was much more open than mine has been - and another especially useful tip about the proper use of the mashie.

That last proved instantly useful...

on in 3, 1 putt for par the 2 pars I managed today were due to what I learned about the mashie.


That's not to say my golf game has been cured; I'm still quite capable of producing an ugly slice.

I know how to correct it at the driving range - it's almost always failing to roll my wrists over - so I take the next 2 or 3 balls and swing until I get it right.

But it's different on the course, isn't it?

A slice from the tee or fairway is a wasted stroke, and occasionally a lost ball, which hammers that hole.

And if I don't mentally shake it off, or worse, rinse and repeat the next hole - well, there goes another round of golf.

Vardon called that “foozling”: any general incompetence on the links that results in pointless strokes.

Pretty sure that doleful breeze is the collective sighs of foozlers everywhere as they nod their heads in gloomy agreement.

Even so, today's bright sunshine and crisp temperatures helped make this outing exactly what I always hope for:

A little solitude, a little exercise and a delightful stroll through the countryside.

Opened Ryan's Course this past week...

planning to resurface the 2nd hole next weekend

...but have only walked it once so far...waiting for the gale force winds of April to subside - 15 out of 21 days have had winds gusting 25 mph or higher - as they tend to wreak havoc on wiffle golf balls.

You've suffered through enough hickory golf, yes?

Let's 23 Skidoo..

magnolia tree bloomed early this year and is already shedding its blossoms...

...same tree in May a few years ago

early spring

don't even think about taking Loki's ball

this mourning dove showed up recently...

...apparently looking for a cigar

As you storm the exits, fleeing the AMC version of a living heck, a theological question for you:

Ever wonder who Jesus really is?

According to the Bible...

...He's God.

Don't let anyone tell you different.

later, mcm fans...

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

A Sign The Apocalypse... near:  when what used to be the most powerful nation on earth pretends an escapee from a dementia care facility is president.

The man doesn't even know what century he's in.

Granted he's from the 20th century; the 1st half, and he's way past his "best if used by" date.

With halfwits like him in power, the end must be near, so be ready:

It's been awhile, so let's do...

...the Crying Man update...aka the dreaded diet.

In truth it hasn't been as bad as say, having to putt with an alligator lounging on the green.

definitely qualifies as a "gimme"

That's not to say it's been fun; far from it, but I'm down from 211 to 195, so there is progress.

Might have a few more pounds to go, but my willpower is weakening, and I'm blaming the solar eclipse...

..and Krispy Kreme.

I didn't have one of their eclipse donuts, but I would if I could find one.

With a cup of coffee to go, so I could eat in shame, by myself, in my car.

Make that 2 donuts.

In the "annual rite of spring" department...

...I walked my first round of 9 this weekend, using my very slimmed down "gutty playset".

That's my new "long spoon" from <Kelly Leonard>, my 1920's mashie, and my long nose putter, also from Kelly.

The plan over the next couple of months is to add a play club and a baffing spoon, and replace my mashie with a smooth face lofting iron so it will be an official pre-1900 gutty playset.

But you play with what you've got not what you want, so I did.

beautiful but chilly morning...42 degrees

And it was about what I expected:  hit some good shots, some not so good, and a bunch of in between.

Did manage to bogey 3 holes...

..."1 putt for par" chances that wound up as 2 putts for bogey.

Haven't named my long nose putter yet, but "Stranger Danger" and "Stick Of Death" are currently in the running.

Definitely need more practice with what's-his-name 'cause at the moment we are not on the same page.

Even so it was a mostly enjoyable round...ended up with the same ball I started, and in a truly bizarre moment, even found one I lost from last year...

...unless there's someone else swinging hickories and playing McIntyre Park gutta perchas.

Not likely, so I'm treating it as my reclaimed property.

Anyway, I know what I need to practice, and it's a beautiful day, so if you'll excuse me now...

You know what that means:

hope you remembered your eclipse glasses

beautiful scenery in Italy from "fixer to fabulous"

according to Dawn Staley, that's fair

I do miss Mr. T

bidenflation requires creative thinking

another rite of spring...the battle against the moles

As you skeedaddle, a word of wisdom from our Creator:

later, mcm fans...

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