Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Atomic Motel...

...a totally cool, mcm indiegogo project that you should back!  I just did for $100.

See their write up here:

...and be sure to watch their video.  They're going to re-open a motel in the Ashland/Bayfield, Wisconsin area on the shores of Lake Superior in the summer of 2017.

It will be completely restyled in mid century modern motif, hearkening back to the Route 66 era of unique, family owned roadside motels...the kind we grew up with when Mom and Dad threw us in the back of the station wagon and headed out for the family vacation.

Remember spotting the motels racing by and  "suggesting" 'hey, how about that one?'
Maybe you'd stay at one with a pool!

Well this one has an entire lake to swim in...ok, so bring your wetsuit bc it is Lake Superior, but cool is that?

Check them out and throw some money at this project...and I'll see you there in the summer of 2017.

Some good news re: my Papa's Model T young reader series of books...I'm advertising in the July / August edition of Vintage Ford magazine, so hopefully that will scare up some sales...and the executive director of the Model T Ford Club of America asked me to send her copies of my books.  She's going to review them for possible inclusion in their museum / store in Richmond, Indiana as well as online.

Here's the latest one, currently being edited:

Halfway through this weekend already...time to get back outside and enjoy a sunset.

Later, mcm fans...

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