Thursday, February 20, 2014

System Issues...

...are going to kill me...

Ok, so we're a little more advanced than that, but we're having major issues with a disk controller...too many 3 am wake up a matter of fact, as I write this it's 3:55 am and I'm just mopping up the third system reboot this week.  I should probably admit defeat and brew a pot of coffee at midnight while waiting for the clarion call.

An upcycled percolator lamp from BenclifDesigns  He has many very cool light fixtures on his should check it out.

If this new and exciting routine we've settled into doesn't do me in before then, we're going to solve it with a system failover event this weekend...big fun.

In spite of these unpleasant circumstances, I generally like the middle of the night.  In a previous life I used to drive back and forth between Michigan and Maine, a 1,000 mile, 18 hour trip.  I'd always do it in one stretch, and my favorite part of the journey was from about 11 pm until 5 am...traffic was light, and for the most part it was just me and truckers counting the white lines as they zoomed by mile after mile.  On a clear night the stars would fill up my windshield and I'd mentally write that bestseller or solve my relational problems while sipping a large coffee and enjoying a Dunkin' Donuts cruller.

So Mr. Bob Adams of has been working his magic on my Ronson lighters again...he serviced both my Junior Bartender and Maltese Falcon lighters:

Junior Barrtender lighter
He did a superb job of fixing the touch tip mechanism, and straightening and painting the it is in action:

Here's the Maltese Falcon he repaired:

...and here's a video of it working:

In what appears to be a losing effort to drag this blog back into a mid century modern aesthetic I claim to adore (and in truth, I really do), here's a favorite item that stretches the definition the other way:

My Weltron 2005: radio, 8 track, record player
This was made around 1969 / 1970, and realistically, that's post-mcm...but it has that cool, atomic, space age vibe that was prevalent in the 50's and 60's, so I'm including it here.  A short video of it playing a CRC 45:

I'm home now, it's almost 5 Yukon Cornelius once opined, let's get some shuteye!


  1. Hi Terry, thanks for the video post. Glad to see the lamp is still going strong, but sorry to read about the reboot(s). Looks like your "Geek Squad" has it under control. You are so cool, using that retro computer like that! ;)

    1. Yup, it's still as cool as ever...and so are the other 2 lamps I bought from you, including the piano phone you upcycled for me.

      We do have a pretty good Geek Squad here, we know what the issues are and have a line on how to fix them...and given last night's excitement, when it finally became clear our system has morphed into a sentient being that hates my guts, we're bringing in the big guns and gang tackling the problem tonight.

      By tomorrow at this time the system will either be fixed, or we'll be on our failover server and will sell raffle tickets for the chance to beat the old system back to the stone age with 10 lb sledge hammers. Can't wait!


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