Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Wonderful Gift... Christmas time...from my #1 son, Micah.

The book itself is very cool...handsomely bound, it's a pleasure to hold and handle while enjoying the timeless stories contained within.

But what makes this gift truly special is what it represents and how it illustrates a fundamental truth in life: you never know what will come back to you, or when it may reappear on your doorstep.

In this case it took about thirty years, but all those nights of reading to my sons at bedtime decades ago were given back to me in this one spectacular Christmas gift.

I admit there were times when my only real goal was to try and get them to calm down enough so they would go to sleep, but guess what?

Those tales from Aesop's Fables, those sea going pirate adventures in Treasure Island, those years of privation and innovation in Robinson Crusoe, those childhood morals of The Sugar Creek Gang and those Christmas Hauntings in A Christmas Carol were not falling on deaf ears after all.

Micah and I shared a few laughs remembering back to those days and I will prize this gift for years to come.

And speaking of Micah, he and one of his sons (Isaiah) drove to Washington, DC this weekend to see his oldest daughter Tionna...
Micah brought along some gifts and the little Christmas tree for a touch of seasonal decor.

Tionna just completed her 6 week Navy Ceremonial Guard training and will now be representing the Navy at many official ceremonies and events.
A great honor and a big responsibility to be the face of the Navy to the country at very proud of her!

Christmas is now just two days away, and our White Christmas which seemed a virtual lock a week or so ago is suddenly up for grabs.  A couple of days of 40 degrees and drizzling rain has turned our Winter Wonderland into patches of hard crusty snow scattered here and there around the countryside.

If we're going to have a white one this year it will take an 11th hour rescue by Santa and Old Man Winter.  C'mon boys, teamwork!  You can do it!

But hey, if you'd rather take the day off, I'm ok with 65 and sunny...see you boys on the links and don't forget your hickories...

Today and tomorrow will be final prep for the big day, but I'll be honest...for the most part I've arrived at that age where my Christmas shopping is reduced to writing some checks...boring I know...but Karen still does the shopping thing and also will be making lots of good things to eat for Christmas Eve...I'll do my best to a) stay out of her way and b) help out where I can.  Sometimes to accomplish b all I need to do is a...we'll see.

for now...

later, mcm fans...

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