Saturday, August 31, 2019

And Rising Up Early In The Morning...

...I journeyed eastward...through the ethereal mists of the fertile farmland...

...and the slumbering settlement of the native Lamontians... the verdant valley of Constant Frustration...

...where once again I waged war against the unforgiving demigods of the golf underworld.

They're a nasty bunch, those demigods...

...but I and the tools of my ignorance stood our ground.

After a week of practice with my original 1930s hickories, I had a considerably better round than when I first used them on my dad's birthday at the beginning of July.

They're lighter and stiffer than my hickories from Louisville Golf, so I don't get as much distance with them...but I still had my share of "1 putt for par" chances.

And the weather was perfect...60's and sunny...a delightful stroll through the country.
Guess who's back?

In spite of their confident assurances, turns out the grautogallery folks couldn't sell Mr. T after all...and they had him for 4 full months.

Sorry guys...not impressed.

So now he's back and up for sale on Fakebook marketplace...again.

I told Karen if we can't sell him at the new reduced price then THAT'S IT...I don't want to hear any more about it...we're keeping him.

Time will tell...
Speaking of selling things...a very nice couple from Indiana ended up buying 3 of my vintage televisions last week...turns out they have a museum in Ft. Wayne and wanted them for a display window:
The TVs on the far left, in the center, and just to the right of center are the ones they purchased: 2 original black and white Predictas from the late 1950's and a color Telstar Predicta Meteor from the early 2000s (the centerpiece).

Hated to part with these vintage beauties but it was time...and the couple who bought them are serious collectors so I know the TVs will be well maintained.
Last weekend while working in the front yard 2 ladies were driving through the neighborhood - they noticed all the wild turkeys wandering around - 
- and stopped to comment on the unusual look of our home...since they were mid century modern aficionados we ended up giving them a tour.

It's an odd circumstance but after a couple of years here we've gotten used to it.

All us mid century modern fans are interested in residential architecture and this home's shape, stone and glass are natural attractants apparently.

They were very nice ladies and at the end insisted we accept a bottle of wine from them...
...pretty good pinot noir...don't mind if I do...

I've gotten some static from co-workers recently...they take exception to my complaints that summer is being pushed off center stage by Nature's next impatient act, Autumn...and they assure me summer is NOT over yet.

Well Saturday morning I drove #2 son to the airport - he's relocating to Florida, just ahead of hurricane Dorian...
...and the temperature when I got up at 5:15 am was 45 degrees.

Come on, August 31 and it's in the 40's...does that sound like summer to you?

I'm not saying we won't have more warm days...I sure hope we do...but it's time to face reality:

Summer has packed her bags and she's definitely headed for the station...
me, dressed for fall, sorrowfully watching her go...
Enjoyed one of the classic "film noir" movies from the 1940's...
Bogey and Bacall in "The Big Sleep" overly complex case of blackmail, murder and of course, romance...both on screen and off.

You can feel the chemistry between the two stars in their scenes together and no real life they were lovers and then husband and wife.

Theirs was a May / December union, almost literally...Bacall was born in September of 1924, but Bogart actually was born in December...the 25th no less, and 25 years prior, in 1899.

The movie itself is pretty good...rattles along nicely with crisp, clever dialog, and a satisfying conclusion.

But today it is perhaps most useful as a guidepost, a touchstone in Cinematic history from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

So pour yourself a rye whisky, break open a fresh pack of smokes, put your snub nose .38 revolver on the coffee table and enjoy a classic.

Afterwards, do yourself a favor and cue up Woody Allen's hilarious "Play It Again, Sam"...

...and marvel at the reincarnated Bogey in Allen's brilliantly neurotic sendup of that most famous of film noir classics, Casablanca.

Since you insist, here we go 'Round The Horn...
confession time...all that work was worth it...the sitting area in our front yard IS better with the broken cement pavers.

further proof Fall is of the stores we visited had their (ok I admit it, electric) fireplace going...pretty nice one, too.

that's what it looks like when the rain cascades off our new roof / scuppers now.

that's just cool...

...and so is that.

love the art deco look of this store front.

a new resident in our lagoon, evidently.

nightly dinner guests

love the historic buildings we have as part of the downtown district.

And that kind reader is a wrap for this edition of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

On this Labor Day weekend, please rest assured none of our writers...

...nor any missing, corrupt union officials...
...were harmed in any way during the production of this blog entry.

In fact, trying to get the lazy good for nuthin's to actually DO something is our biggest challenge.

Well, that and trying to figure out who shot Mr. Burns...
...wait...What?? secretary just informed me we do know who did yeah, forget that last's the first thing I said.

later, mcm fans...

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